La province célèbre les services en français et la Journée internationale de

first_imgLes membres de la communauté acadienne et francophone de la Nouvelle-Écosse se sont joints aux représentants du gouvernement à Halifax, aujourd’hui 20 mars, pour célébrer les améliorations aux services en français offerts par la province. Le ministre des Affaires acadiennes, Chris d’Entremont, affirme que les gains ont été réalisés grâce à un partenariat entre le gouvernement et les membres de la communauté. « Les Acadiens et les francophones nous indiquent quels sont les services gouvernementaux qui, selon eux, doivent prioritairement être offerts en français, et nous répondons à ces priorités, » a déclaré M. d’Entremont. « Les Néo-Écossais reçoivent maintenant plus de services en français que jamais, que ce soit en personne, par téléphone et par Internet. La Journée internationale de la Francophonie constitue l’événement idéal pour souligner ces progrès et remercier les personnes concernées. » La Journée internationale de la Francophonie a débuté en 1998 pour permettre aux membres de la Francophonie de célébrer leur lien commun, la langue française, ainsi que leur diversité. La Francophonie est formée de 56 États et gouvernements membres qui utilisent la langue française. Des événements ont lieu partout dans le monde dans le cadre de cette journée. La Loi sur les services en français de la Nouvelle-Écosse a été adoptée en 2004. Le règlement en vertu de la loi est entré en vigueur à la fin de l’année 2006. « Nous avons vraiment travaillé en équipe pour répondre aux besoins de la communauté, » a dit M. d’Entremont. « Et bien qu’il y ait encore du travail à faire, je reconnais que des premiers pas très importants ont été fait. » M. d’Entremont a également souligné qu’il présentera un rapport d’étape sur les services en français au cours des prochaines semaines.last_img read more

Enterprise Hosted PBX Systems in High Demand

5 Ways Cloud UCC Changed the Workforce Mark Roberts September 16, 2019 The UCC digital renaissance has come and stayed. Now, enterprises are fine tuning their networks to better engage employees and customers. A targeting factor for vendors is the ratio of communications-needy end users to employees. Whereas one industry may have a 1:6 ratio of hosted PBX seats to employees, others may have 3:6, or 5:6. Feature-rich systems in one vertical market can generate five to 10 times more revenue per employee than another. Premium-Priced FeaturesEvery vertical market has UC applications on which customers may rely to improve productivity; as such the features command a premium price. Here’s an example of three integrations we’ve seen in recruiting and staffing agencies: JobDiva, Jobscience, and PCRecruiter. Some hosted PBX vendors offer the three for $49/month. HostedPBX-UC.PNG cloud.png Log in or register to post comments A Lesson for IT managersThe critical factor in deciding which hosted PBX system to purchase could come down to price, but that’s a false choice. Value has little to do with street price and everything to do with productivity. Find a vendor with a sales force that sells solutions; these companies provide consultative selling. They probably don’t charge more than a competitor for any feature, but they sell end-user value. For my money, the difference in seat price is well worth it. Key Vertical MarketsThe Eastern Management Group studies hosted PBX usage in 22 vertical industries — which is how we define the universe. Five industries that consume a lot of hosted PBX are education, insurance, healthcare, real estate, and retail. These vertical markets are far from the only ones using a lot of hosted PBX today. Nor are they alone in the number and quantity of UC applications consumed. Each of these industries is dense with branches, large numbers of professionals, and significant volumes of communications. Vendors may target these markets because monthly recurring revenue far exceeds that of the enterprise market as a whole. Hyping Up Hybrid: Making the Case Ryan Daily September 05, 2019 With the race to the cloud heating up, some enterprises aren’t dashing to the finish line with the same intensity – opting instead for a “hybrid” pace. 5 Steps for A Seamless Contact Center Cloud Migration Elizabeth Magill September 09, 2019 Ensuring that IT and business teams are on the same page before, during, and after the process is key to a successful migration. Many UC applications are worth a premium price because of the customer productivity improvement created. How much of a premium? Using Eastern Management Group’s pricing database, we determined enterprise systems sold with a package of UC features cost 230% more than similar size systems having a basic calling feature package. Eastern Management Group has also studied the productivity improvement associated with UC features, which we have determined to be substantial. The Eastern Management Group recently completed surveys of 15,000 IT managers in which we examined three significant hosted PBX issues: First, which vertical markets comprise the most enterprise hosted PBX customers; second, what UC applications are in highest demand by enterprise IT managers; and third, by how much of a premium are vendors pricing — and IT managers paying for — fully featured hosted PBX systems demanded by larger customers. Data presented here is from our latest report, “Worldwide Hosted PBX Market 2018-2024.” For more information about the Eastern Management Group report, “Worldwide Hosted PBX Market 2018-2024,” or issues raised in this post, please ask our researchers or contact John Malone directly & Viewshosted PBXEastern Management GroupUC FeaturesCloud CommunicationsDeployment ModelsHosted CommunicationsUCaaSUnified Communications Articles You Might Like Are We Heading for Cloud in a Box? Tom Nolle September 26, 2019 As the cloud craze continues, enterprises are looking for simplified “in a box” cloud solutions to address their communication and collaboration needs. Hosted PBX systems steadily grow at the expense of larger IP PBXs, forcing traditional premises PBX vendors to build up their cloud offers, where revenue opportunities are abundant. Hosted PBX popularity has overtaken the global PBX industry. Already in 2019 new hosted PBX sales are on track to generate $5 billion for providers, accounting for 18% of all PBX sales, worldwide. Hybrid cloud, a fast-growing slice of all hosted PBX systems, could push that number higher. UC features built-into the hosted PBX often cost more. Below is a chart of some UC features, and the percent of IT managers who think each is important to their business. These data points are essential to hosted PBX providers and customers. The vendors require this data to make decisions on applications to sell (e.g., presence) and customer willingness to pay for each feature. Enterprises need intelligence on productivity improvement applications that may be wise choices for their end users. See All in Cloud Communications » Dedicated vs. Shared Cloud Voice Services Darin Ward October 03, 2019 When moving voice to the cloud, many service providers tout their dedicated solutions. But is “dedicated” all that it’s cracked up to be? read more

Correction Super Bowl AdsTop 10 story

NEW YORK, N.Y. – In a story on Jan. 31 about Super Bowl ads, The Associated Press reported erroneously that SodaStream operates in Israeli settlements in the West Bank of Palestine. The story should have said the company operates a factory in an Israeli West Bank settlement.A corrected version of the story is below:10 Super Bowl Ads to watch out forFrom Scarlett Johansson to U2, here are 10 Super Bowl ads to watch out forBy MAE ANDERSONAP Business WriterActress Scarlett Johansson gives SodaStream some sex appeal in a controversial spot. Kia revives actor Laurence Fishburne’s “Matrix” character Morpheus in its commercial. And cute puppies and kids abound in ads for Cheerios to Anheuser-Busch.Advertisers are planning to pull out the tools in their arsenal during Super Bowl time this Sunday, including celebrities, A-list rock bands and cinematic story lines.Of course, there will still be ad surprises on Sunday with major brands like Chrysler and Coca-Cola staying mum on at least one of their ads. But the ones that are already out use a variety of tactics to draw viewers’ attention.Overall, marketers are doing a better job getting their branding message across — while still entertaining — than previous years when a cheap joke or gag ruled supreme, says Kelly O’Keefe, professor of brand strategy at the Virginia Commonwealth University Brand Center.“This year there’s much more focus on brand personality: the spot has to be both interesting and funny and link back to the core assets of the brand,” he said. “I’m predicting a stronger Super Bowl than last year.”Advertisers are in the game to win. The Super Bowl is advertising’s biggest showcase, with more than 108 million people expected to tune into the game. And companies are paying an estimated $4 million to have their ads be a part of the action.Here are 10 ads to watch for on Sunday:1. ANHEUSER-BUSCH: The biggest Super Bowl advertiser’s ad in the fourth quarter shows an adorable Golden Labrador becoming enamoured with one of the beer maker’s iconic Clydesdales to the tune of “Let Her Go” by Passenger.Online: GENERAL MILL’S CHEERIOS: The cereal maker brings back an interracial family that starred in a prior spot. This one shows a father telling his daughter that they’re going to have an addition to the family, a baby boy. Then, the little girl strongly suggests they also get a puppy. The ad airs during the first unscheduled time-out of the game.Online: BANK OF AMERICA: The bank will promote its partnership with AIDS non-profit (RED) by having music group U2 sing their new single “Invisible.” between the first and second quarter. The song will be a free download on iTunes during the game and for the following 24 hours. Bank of America will donate $1 each time it is downloaded to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.4. SODASTREAM: The Israeli at-home soda maker company has stirred up controversy on two fronts. Their ad features “Her” actress Scarlett Johansson touting the health and environmental benefits of the soda maker and will run in the fourth quarter. The ad first made waves when the company said it would delete its last line, “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi,” at a request by Fox. Then on Thursday, Johansson resigned her Oxfam ambassadorship. The non-profit was unhappy she was linked with SodaStream, which operate a factory in an Israeli West Bank settlement. Oxfam is opposed to that.Online: H&M: The clothing maker’s ad in the second quarter features nifty technology that will allow people with some Samsung Smart TVs to order soccer star David Beckham’s Bodywear products with their remote control in real time.Online: NESTLE’S BUTTERFINGER: A suggestive teaser ad showed a couple, “Chocolate” and “Peanut Butter,” in ’70s-style couple’s therapy talking about the need for “change” and “excitement.” The actual ad in the third quarter will have a related theme and Butterfinger is expected to introduce its Peanut Butter Cups with some tongue-in-cheek double entendres.Online: BEATS MUSIC: Ellen DeGeneres reimagines the Goldilocks and The Three Bears fairytale in this ad running in the third quarter that introduces Beats Music, a streaming music service.Online: WONDERFUL PISTACHIOS: The snack producer showcases comedian Stephen Colbert running amok in two 15-second ads in the second quarter.Online: KIA: In the carmaker’s third-quarter ad to introduce its K900 luxury sedan, Laurence Fishburne reprises his “Matrix” role as Morpheus and displays some surprising operatic skills.Online: CHRYSLER: The automaker is bound to surprise. Always mum ahead of the game, Chrysler has produced some of the best loved and most remembered spots during the big game, from Eminem’s “Imported from Detroit” ad in 2011 to last year’s “Farmer” ad featuring scenes of American farmland and a voiceover by conservative radio broadcaster Paul Harvey. Look for another surprising spot or two this year. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email This undated frame grab provided by Beats shows the company’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial. Beats by Dre, the popular headphones and audio equipment producer has enlisted Ellen DeGeneres to star in its debut Super Bowl ad running in the third quarter that promotes Beats Music. (AP Photo/Beats) by The Associated Press Posted Jan 31, 2014 1:01 am MDT Correction: Super Bowl Ads-Top 10 story read more