Police man Goes out Naked Attacks Car of Diplomats Son

Rabat – Members of Gendarmerie in El Harhoura, about 15 kilometers away from Rabat, arrested on Friday morning a police man who went out naked and attacked the car of a son of an Arab diplomat.According to Alyaoum24, the police man, who was in a situation of hysteria, took to the main street, wearing only shorts and socks, and started blocking traffic.One of the cars that the police man “blocked and damaged turned to be that of the son of an Arab diplomat,” the same source said. Immediately after being informed, a patrol of the police was dispatched to the scene to locate the police man and arrested him.In a hearing session, the police man was reportedly unable to remember what he did.The same source said that the suspect was put under custody before he was brought before the public prosecutor of the court of Temara, near Rabat.The Police man told investigators in the second hearings that he was victim of a set up from his friends who allegedly gave him –without his consent- a strong drug that caused him to lose control. read more