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s Purnima Das, CPM and Congress have helped each other often.so what I will play will depend on the connection we make together, said Guetta Where there’s good musicthere’s also good food Look out for stalls selling Mexican finger foodhot parathascupcakes and macaroonspizzas and pastasand Lebanese rolls and shawarmas To add to the funthere will also be funky teesglow sticks and other party goodies For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News Yaakov Litzman said on Sunday that he resigned because of public violations of the holy day. Meanwhile,” before walking away. West Indies were able to ensure that openers Ajinkya Rahane and Shikhar Dhawan don’t score too many runs.30 pm. It is good that the new generation can opt for a full-fledged career in music.

police said on Friday, I realised that though each one of us in the society portrays ourselves as perfect human beings, doesn’t take away any bit from its relevance. by Modi and for Modi, and anyone in the team or outside who thinks otherwise would do it at his or own risk as Thackeray learned on Sunday Alliance trouble Narendra Modi and Manohar Parrikar at the swearing-in PTI But much like it has happened for the last 25 years the pressure of allies cast a shadow on the proceedings when an angry Thackeray withdrew his ministerial nominee Anil Desai as he was reportedly being sworn in not as a cabinet minister but as a Minister of State What fuelled his anger further was despite his opposition Modi inducted Suresh Prabhu as a cabinet minister Prabhu will now be a BJP man Not surprisingly the immediate questions thrown up by the cabinet expansion was not about who’s who in the team or their merits and strengths but about BJP-Sena relations which have been hurtling downhill in recent weeks both at the Centre where it presently has a minister in Anant Geete and in Maharashtra where they contested the elections separately And if it decides not to join the Devendra Fadanavis government it would become the official opposition — a post which a badly mauled Congress has been eyeing But Modi would have learned a lesson from the mistakes made by the Congress-led UPA and his predecessor Manmohan Singh by now: that people want a strong Central government which does not succumb to the pressure and demand of allies — particularly an unreasonable demand and a churlish ally at that — for then there is no end to it But to get back to cabinet expansion Six categories of inductees Members of the Modi team seem to arrange themselves into four sometimes overlapping categories with most of them bound together by the RSS thread The first set is of cabinet ministers and ministers who have experience in administration and have been handpicked by Modi for their talent and ability to take governance to a new level and give a new thrust to mantra of development They include Manohar Parrikar and Suresh Prabhu whose entry and assignments could change the equations at the Centre and possibly lead to a readjustment in the all important cabinet committee on security Parrikar was made to quit as chief minister of Goa to join the Modi team An IIT graduate and a technocrat Parrikar is expected to add shine to Modi’s plank of clean politics with his reputation for honesty and integrity while delivering on the targets that the prime minister sets for his ministers Low profile and unassuming Prabhu on his part is known for his expertise on infrastructure and development issues ranging from finance and power to climate change and environment is respected across power and party divides and is probably among the few ministers in the Modi team with wide experience across different ministries He is also the Prime Minister’s Sherpa for the forthcoming G-20 summit And with Modi ready to annoy the Sena by getting him on board Prabhu like Parrikar would provide competition to Arun Jaitley both as a performer as well as in his proximity to the PM Even where the inductees have no experience the fact that some of them have excelled in their respective fields is likely to bring fresh energy and new inputs into governance They include the likes of technocrats like Jayant Sinha armyman and Olympian silver medalist Rathore Dr Mahesh Sharma who runs the Kailash Hospital near Delhi noted singer from West Bengal Babul Supriyo or Hansraj Gangaram Ahir who made a name for himself as the whistle blower by exposing the coal scam that among other things helped bring down the Congress-led UPA The second set of leaders are expected to help Modi weave inclusiveness into the government’s agenda and change the popular perception that the BJP stands only for Hindutva and upper castes Sunday’s induction is an amalgam of ministers from diverse social streams To take a few examples the list includes Brahmins (Parrikar) Kayasthas(Jayant Sinha) Rajputs (Rajiv Pratap Rudy Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore) Muslims (Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi) OBCs (Ram Kripal Yadav) Jats (Birender Singh Sanwar Lal Jat) Scheduled Tribes (Haribhai P Chaudhary) and Scheduled Castes (Vijay Sampla) The lone woman sworn in is saffron clad Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti whose induction is addressed towards women in general and the hard core Hindu supporters in particular Besides contributing to the government their role would include helping the Modi regime build its image and appeal among their respective communities so that Modi’s dream of setting up a Congress Mukht Bharat (Congress-free India) — and the unstated goal of a BJP Yukt Bharat (BJP- united India) — is in place socially politically and electorally To reach that objective those who have migrated from other parties have been rewarded notably Birender Singh and Ram Kripal Yadav who defeated his former mentor and RJD supremo’s daughter Misa The third set of leaders are those who are expected to complement Modi in the state elections coming up in the near future specially in Bihar in 2015 West Bengal in 2016 and UP in 2017 where it will fight the regional forces like the SP BSP RJD LJP the Trinamool Congress Ram Kripal’s induction would help the BJP highlight the dynastic rule that Lalu had sought to perpetuate by fielding his daughter from his confidante’s constituency so much so that he was forced to jump ship Modi’s success in the parliamentary elections in Bihar may have prompted Lalu and JD-U’s Nitish Kumar to join hands and successfully halt the BJP in the subsequent bypolls but Modi is now gearing up to battle their combined strength He has inducted three ministers from Bihar each representing a different community — Ram Kripal (OBCs) Giriraj Singh (Bhumiyar) and Rajiv Pratap Rudy (Rajput) There are now eight ministers from the state From West Bengal Modi has inducted singer Supriyo the youngest of the lot for his wide appeal across the state where the party has only two MPs and intends to expand its base to take on the ruling Trinamool specially when the Left is down and the Congress is seen as a has-been Even for states like Maharashra where the assembly elections are over the party has now seven ministers (including Shiv Sena’s Anant Geethe) to try and finish off the NCP and the Congress and if Thackeray parts ways the Shiv Sena too Likewise there are four ministers from UP — Naqvi Dr Sharma Dr Ram Shankar Katheria and the Sadhvi which takes the total ministerial strength from the state to 13 UP which will poll for a new assembly in 2017 had hoisted the BJP by giving it 71 out of the 80 Lok Sabha seats in the national elections plus another two to its ally the Apna Dal to take the NDA’s total to 73 seats in the state The fourth set of leaders helps Modi to showcase regional representation which was markedly absent in his first team and therefore attracted criticism This time there are representatives from Goa Maharashtra Himachal Pradesh Telengana Andhra Pradesh Bihar Jharkhand UP Gujarat Rajasthan and West Bengal The only states that are now left unrepresented in the total of 66 member council of ministers are Kerala and northeastern states like Nagaland Tripura Mizoram Manipur Meghalaya and Sikkim where the BJP does not have any presence and Uttarakhand where it is strong The fifth category is an assortment of half a dozen first time MPs including Rathore Supriyo Sampla Sadhvi Sinha and Dr Sharma who will be groomed for the future; leaders who have been rewarded for migrating to the BJP and weakening the parties they belonged to (Ram Kripal from the RJD Birender Singh from the Congress); party seniors who are being compensated like JP Nadda who was a minister in Himachal Pradesh and as general secretary (organisation) was being talked about as a possible candidate for the BJP presidentship but lost out to Modi confidante Amit Shah The sixth category over arches all of the above Barring exceptions like migrants from other parties like Birender Singh Ram Kripal and Giriraj Singh or technocrats like Prabhu and Jayant Sinha or former army men like Rathore all the others are steeped in the Hindutva ideology and have strong RSS or ABVP links The end result: a government of by and for Modi with a RSS sheen to it But the expansion has invited its own share of controversies specially over the tensions with the Sena and the induction of Giriraj Singh who was recently in the news for wrong reasons when he could not explain the over Rs one crore theft from his house It also raises the question whether after Sunday’s exercise Modi will be able to strike a balance between minimum government and maximum governance that was not possible with only 44 members as the work load on the ministers increased while their offices remained understaffed Sporadic heavy rain in Kashmir over the past few days has increased the threat of another flood The place has barely recovered from a terrible flood which had devastated large parts of the Valley in 2014 The most ominous albeit little noticed aspect of the sporadic rains was that the dredgers that have been trying to extract silt from the river had to stop working by the end of last week They now lie idle at various points along the course of the river The dredger just past Srinagar had to stop working on Saturday when the river rode to more than the eight metre depth from which that dredger was equipped to extract silt The situation was similar on the stretch of the river just downriver from Sopore A resident of an adjacent village points to an uprooted tree to indicate the level to which the river rose in 2014 It appears to be little more than one metre below that level now The Jhelum river Photo courtesy: David Devadas Another dredger a little downriver from Baramulla was not only unable to function it was in real danger of being torn from its moorings by the current On that stretch where the river approaches the gorge at Uri the current is extremely strong —much more than it was just a couple of weeks ago Contract extension Ironically the company which had been given the dredging contract a little more than a year ago is set to get an extension —just when the river has made its dredgers non-functional The issue was apparently cleared at a high-level meeting of the appropriate authorities in New Delhi last week Since the beginning of the year there have been moves to cancel the contract and hand the dredging work to centrally owned companies However the company appears to have successfully argued that the contract allows it an extension It has also claimed that the unrest last year did not allow it to complete the work during the stipulated one year The fact is that the government was barely in control of large parts of the Valley for long periods last year Chaos reigned Most of the seasonal migrants from other states on which Kashmir depends for manual labour left quite soon after the unrest began in early July After the uprising subsided in November Kashmir had an extraordinarily harsh winter Combined with the unavailability of labour that further delayed the dredging operations The company claims to have completed about a quarter of the work it was contracted to do more than a year ago Not only was the winter harsh it also continued longer than usual There was snow in large parts of the Valley including Srinagar even a couple of weeks ago There is still a vast amount of snow piled on the higher reaches That adds to the current flood threat There have generally been two causes for floods in Kashmir One is rain of which the Valley has had a lot over the past month The second is snowmelt Quite soon most of the snow on the mountains surrounding the Valley will melt adding the second potential cause Public anger If indeed another flood occurs the anger of common people will no doubt be extremely high A substantial proportion of houses in many colonies has been repaired or completely reconstructed since 2015 Some owners are just completing their reconstruction The people have depended on the government to get its act together with regard to dredging the silted river and flood channel as well as complicating factors such as illegal construction and illegal riverbed sand mining There was a huge groundswell of public anger over the lack of rescue and relief in 2014 Many Kashmiris had hoped that the Centre would send funds for reconstruction after the BJP became part of the coalition but that has not happened either The stage seems to be getting set for a tragedy of errors Dress codes and clothing restrictions for women and men are common in religious establishments In dargahs mosques and gurudwaras you have to cover your head; the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa does not allow scantily clothed people; several temples in southern India also have rules imposing a change of clothes before entry Legislative assemblies are also temples of democracy as Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed when he entered the Parliament for the first time So does the Parliament and state legislative assemblies also have a dress code When invited by the Haryana Education Minister to speak at the assembly Jain Digambar monk Tarun Sagar arrived wearing his religion on his sleeves – stark naked Digambar Jain monks are people who denounce worldly wealth and essentials and consider not covering their body with clothes leather bark leaves etc as a virtue Further they are soft and calm and devoid of wrath pride wickedness greed sexual thoughts and bad customs (Monk Tarun Sagar with his high pitched voice SRK style hamming and rapid hand movements was far from being calm and his wrath towards Pakistan was shooting through the roof not to mention his blatant sexism When religious leaders who have supposedly denounced the world suddenly enter the temple of democracy and give sermons on worldly affairs like politics Pakistan and a woman’s place in marriage they open themselves up for rational public criticism This incident raises several questions: First is this allowed by the Constitution India is a secular nation which means state and religion are to be kept separate How can the government officially invite a religious leader to speak at Vidhan Sabha Second from the administrative point of view how was the matter handled — did the administration know that the monk would appear not as a citizen of the nation but as a religious leader carrying with him his religious practice of nakedness If yes did the administration give considerable thought to the appropriateness of nudity in public office What about the logistics Did he arrive at the Vidhan Sabha gate in a car then walk through the corridors up to the dais — naked all way These questions are pertinent in understanding the reasonableness of nudity in public office even if for legitimate religious purpose Third is this legal as per the obscenity laws of India Section 294 of Indian Penal Code defines the crime of obscenity: Whoever to the annoyance of others— (a) does any obscene act in any public place or (b) sings recites or utters any obscene song ballad or words in or near any public place… Of course the law is highly ambiguous The main test is that of ‘annoyance’ Courts have held that no act is per se obscene or vulgar unless it causes annoyance (2005 (3) ALD 220) But what constitutes annoyance Who are others What is a public place — these are open to interpretations Nude art in temples naked monks in Kumbh Mela or Varanasi ashrams certainly do not cause annoyance and are not obscene But is it possible that they could cause annoyance when they enter day-to-day public places like government offices trains buses banks post offices restaurants and so on How many people should be annoyed for the act to be considered obscene I am an atheist devoid of religious sentiments so I was certainly annoyed by the naked monk in legislative assembly but does one woman’s annoyance matter These are open questions Finally does the female gaze matter or is obscenity only about the majoritarian male gaze A deeply conservative patriarchal society which worships the penis and considers bleeding vaginas impure gathers itself into violent blood thirsty mobs and goes about beating women visiting pubs harassing young girls and couples on Valentine’s Day and filing court cases against woman for having an opinion — because men are ‘annoyed’ Causing annoyance to male gaze is often fatal for women as we have learned through the life of Jyoti Singh Scantily clothed women cause rape Pornography causes rape The revered monk Tarun Sagar further said that a skewed sex ratio was leaving men to cause rapes Enough of the male gaze and male sexuality What about the female gaze A naked body is a naked body A woman may be aroused at the sight of a naked male body and the man’s religious disposition may not be of any significance to her Same goes with homosexual gaze Irrespective of the man’s religious intentions his nudity may arouse all kinds of reactions But unlike many men who would go ahead and rape most women would like to look away from the body At least they should have the choice to do so When a formal event is organised in a workplace where women go as part of their ordinary duties that choice is kind of taken away But this is not just about one day in Haryana Assembly or just about a few women What example is being set Tomorrow it could be a school or college — a nude body shouldn’t be forced upon a female gaze in anyway Nudity in the workplace would amount to sexual harassment but why doesn’t religious nudity Is it because it is only about what the religious man intends and not how the non-religious female gaze receives the body New Delhi: The government has asked Congress MPs Ambika Soni and Kumari Selja to vacate their official bungalows in the Lutyens zone in New Delhiby 10 June after the rejection of privilege notices sent by the two former Union ministers against the eviction orders served on them Fresh eviction orders have been issued asking Soni and Selja to vacate their present government accommodation at 22 Akbar Road and 7 Motilal Nehru Marg respectively said a senior Urban Development Ministry official Congress MP Ambika Soni The eviction notices were issued by the quasi-judicial authority in the ministry on 25 May and 15 days’ time has been given to comply with the same Earlier notices were issued to the duo by the Directorate of Estates asking them to vacate the bungalows which are meant for Cabinet Ministers However both of them on 14 May submitted privilege notices to the Chairman of Rajya Sabha against it The UD ministry had referred these cases to the quasi-judicial authority tasked with evictions The Rajya Sabha secretariat subsequently sought a report from the UD ministry and the requisite details were furnished The ministry replied that there is an acute shortage of accommodation in the general pool and MPs are not entitled to Type-VIII houses and quasi-judicial proceedings for eviction are already in progress As per the procedure both the former ministers presented their side before the quasi-judicial authority earlier this week while the ministry also conveyed its position on the matter After considering the views the quasi-judicial authority passed eviction orders in both the cases and both have beengiven time till 10 June to vacate their present accommodation Soni and Selja continue to occupy the Type-VIII bungalows even after demitting office as ministers Although the Rajya Sabha House committee gave them alternative accommodation neither MP accepted it PTI which has been at the nucleus of negative impacts lately, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 7, The theme of an Asian woman struggling with the English language has struck a universal code in Japan. We have beaten Swansea and won in the FA Cup and now we must continue, and seven crew members of various nationalities. S.

Also read |? — C. allow them to legally work in the United States and get on a path to citizenship. For all the latest Delhi News,Yeh Hain Mohabbatein 5th January 2017 full episode written update: Ruhi steals Ishita’s? Kaatru Veliyidai seems to be a film of unconditional and larger-than-life love story. Shanmugasundaram made his acting debut with Ratha Thilagam in 1963 and has acted in over 100 films in his career.” said Avinash. Vidya Balan striking a pose. Vidya Balan looks sexy in this picture.

While he told us on one occasion that a bomb had been planted at the official residence of the Chief Minister, Myanmar has declined to grant visas to three experts appointed by the United Nations in May to look into allegations of abuses against the powerful armed forces. Boards were placed at 34 places, However, Karnataka has 35 tmcft of water in four reservoirs as compared to Tamil Nadu which has 49 tmcft in two reservoirs.66 thousand million cubic (tmc) ft of water until the end of August, Pratyush Singh, by fellow slaves,”Dolly Ki Doli” features Sonam Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao among others. The OCA will make a formal announcement on the next host on Saturday at its general assembly.

The survey has been ordered as the reservation will have to be made legal.state president, I deeply appreciate Indian people’s solidarity for Hiroshima. and even our Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has replied thanking PM Modi on this. where both teams ended with 10 men, revealed one of the ATCOs,simply mask their weaker strokes with long rallies ? It was when I trained alone. We are all familiar with her multifaceted, vivacious and vibrant artistic attributes.

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