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S. where ivory consumers may not realize the material in their trinkets firearm embellishments and even piano keys was harvested from a dead elephant Witney points to the South African Peace Parks Foundation as one organization doing powerful work on awareness The foundation recently ran an essay competition in Vietnamese schools with the winning students flown to wilderness reserves in southern Africa to learn about conservation issues By many estimates the US is the second biggest consumer of ivory in the world Educating yourself and helping friends and family gain that same perspective is key to long-term change Telecky said 2 Make Your Voice Heard As part of the anti-poaching fight HSI and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) have teamed up on a petition supporting a policy proposed by President Obama earlier this summer that would ban the interstate sale of most ivory as well as ivory imports That rule would align with a proposal by the US Department of the Interior to name the African elephant a "threatened species" severely restricting imports of materials associated with the animals hunting The department is now holding a 60-day comment period during which members of the public can make arguments to sway the results of its final ruling on the subject The HSI-WCS petition will be presented in September to support the bid to make the "threatened" designation permanent Care about ivory trade and elephant poaching Your signature has weight HSI is also circulating a petition to support endangered-species status for the African lion which would result in similar restrictions for lion trophies as those suggested for ivory Telecky told TIME she hopes the designation would "drastically curtail" lion trophy hunting 3 Visit "This is the frontline where the war is being fought and tourists who get here are like eyes and ears against the enemy" ex-ranger and eco-travel promoter Mark Butcher told the Guardian in 2014 Many safari companies participate in anti-poaching efforts both out of vested interest in a continuing local animal population and out of moral obligation anti-poaching activists say Some lodges allow guests to help with day-to-day activities and put a portion of proceeds toward their anti-poaching work If youre going on vacation spending your money with such organizations is one way to contribute indirectly to the cause But Witney whose organization puts what he says is "quite a large portion" of their proceeds into the trust used for the parks it cares for stresses the importance of common sense and careful selection as some groups might misrepresent their intentions 4 Volunteer Hundreds of organizations work on all sides of the poaching crisis and some accept volunteers For example the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) one of the most extensive anti-poaching initiatives in southern Africa allows volunteers to undergo training and spend a minimum of two weeks with IAPF rangers going on patrol Its not an experience free of risk but if youre looking for a hands-on way to help CEO and founder Damien Mander told TIME that his organization particularly looks especially for volunteers with special skills like paramedics and teachers 5 Donate Some anti-poaching organizations accept material donations IAPFs wish list for example includes camera equipment Leatherman multi-tools first-aid supplies and handheld GPS devices among other items Still Mander said that old-fashioned monetary donations are most useful for organizations like his Both he and Witney encourage would-be philanthropists to research organizations carefully But in the right hands money can go far funding what activists say is the most effective method of fighting poaching: people "Anti-poaching is 90% managing people" Mander told TIME because the most effective anti-poaching organizations tap into local expertise Your donations mean hiring more rangers who can as Mander put it "follow tracks of a poacher at running speed the same way you would read an article in a newspaper” Contact us at [email protected] spuds and warriors: What this year’s Oscars say about America Oliver Munday for timemoviesWhat This Year’s Oscars Say About AmericaStephanie ZacharekFeb 11 2016Setting aside which pictures made the most at the worldwide box office in 2015–Star Wars: The Force Awakens Jurassic World Furious 7 in that order–how does the American movie industry want to be perceived That’s what the Academy Awards ceremony a purely American product itself is all about In recent years Hollywood has reaped epic riches from fantasy-action films and comic-book movies but this year’s eight Best Picture nominees–ostensibly a short list of the best showbiz has to offer–represent something beyond money They’re about the export of a notion a platonic salesmanship of that most American of products: the Hollywood prestige movieRelatedmoviesNew Toy ‘Forky’ Causes Total Chaos in First Toy Story 4 TrailermoviesNew Toy ‘Forky’ Causes Total Chaos in First Toy Story 4 TrailerWhat image is the Academy peddling this year and what does that say about us right now It’s not surprising that if you include The Martian (and you should) three of this year’s Best Picture nominees are westerns that most staunchly American mode of storytelling In The Martian Matt Damon plays an astronaut–an explorer of new frontiers that just happen to be in space–stranded in a desertlike wilderness after being left for dead by his comrades In The Revenant Leonardo DiCaprio’s beleaguered trapper guide is also left for dead only here on Earth along the banks of the Missouri River in what is now South Dakota Both Damon (alone with the stars) and DiCaprio (alone in the West) are solitary heroes right out of Dick Burnett’s folk ballad "Man of Constant Sorrow"–"For in this world I’m bound to ramble/I have no friends to help me now"–and their isolation kicks their American ingenuity into overdrive: Damon figures out how to grow potatoes on a waterless planet DiCaprio scoops out the innards of a dead horse to fashion a sleeping cave You can’t get much more ingenious than thatMad Max: Fury Road the third western isn’t purely American–even though it’s a product of Hollywood it was made by an Australian George Miller–but of the three it’s most in step with shifting American values when it comes to gender parity Miller’s most memorable character isn’t Tom Hardy’s Max but Charlize Theron’s Furiosa a warrior rebel obsessed with leading a group of enslaved women to safety Miller doesn’t have to oversell Furiosa’s fearlessness–it’s as much a part of her as her missing arm a ghost limb whose presence is felt but not visible Yet there’s also something modest about Furiosa She accomplishes twice as much as any of the male characters do without thinking twice–she’s a working-mom-style action hero And even though watching her is pure pleasure like John Wayne in Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo she’s still more a get-it-done heroine than a look-at-me one What kind of future is Furiosa pointing toward It took America some 220 years to be ready for a black President; is it finally ready for a woman to lead the countryThe Academy made up of many old people many male people and as we’ve become painfully aware many white people has great fondness for tradition–and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it’s balanced by an openness to new things Bridge of Spies and Spotlight represent a kind of old-fashioned Hollywood filmmaking geared toward adults that’s becoming increasingly scarce in a movie landscape thick with pictures based on superheroes These movies generally don’t make tons of money Oscar season is perhaps the chief reason they exist These are the prestige choices the ones that show the Academy has class (Charmingly the movie industry still seems to carry at least the ghost of a chip on its shoulder left over from early days when Hollywood filmmakers were considered West Coast rubes inferior to East Coast sophisticates) The Academy honors filmmaking tradition in other ways too: Room and Brooklyn are two examples of the little American indie that could pictures made on a relative shoestring that strike a chord with audiences And Spotlight and The Big Short riff on the great American muckraking tradition Hollywood so often maligned by the right for its liberalism sometimes doesn’t seem liberal enough but once in a while we’re reminded that it occasionally takes great pleasure in rattling the cagesWhich is part of the reason it has been so agonizing to watch Hollywood crawl halfheartedly in the direction of change rather than rush toward it when it comes to race If the Academy were a cooler hipper smarter bunch–and let’s not even say a more diversified one because being white is no excuse for having bad taste–Chi-Raq Spike Lee’s timely raucous reimagining of Lysistrata might have been among the Best Picture nominees But even the Academy we have now should have sparked to the of-the-minute exuberance of Ryan Coogler’s Rocky-franchise reboot CreedCreed is beautifully made (by a smart dynamic young African-American filmmaker) and wonderfully acted (not just by Sylvester Stallone but also by its charismatic perceptive lead actor Michael B Jordan) It also dazzled audiences–the story is a classic underdog saga revitalized for modern moviegoers Had Creed been a Best Picture nominee it would have been the one to say the most about where our country is now in terms of how American cities look–it’s set in an untouristy Philadelphia vital but still rough around the edges–and of who actually lives in them Creed also happened to be released in a year when–sadly because it had to–#BlackLivesMatter became an even larger and more significant forceAnd so the absence of a single movie from the Best Picture nomination list tells us more about the Academy’s view of America than the movies that are actually on it Creed is the most American–in the true civic sense not in any partisan flag-waving sense–of all American movies made this year Coogler built a city of brotherly love big enough for all of us It’s where we should all want to liveIDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington DC 1 A little bribery might actually be a good thing By Jan Hanousek and Anna Kochanova at the Centre for Economic Policy Research 2 Remember the rover that was supposed to last three months on Mars It just logged day 4000 By A J S Rayl at the Planetary Society 3 What if there was a step between renting and owning By Brett Theodos and Rob Pitingolo at the Urban Institute 4 Heres the unexpected reason college tuition has skyrocketed By Paul F Campos in the New York Times 5 Are small businesses being overlooked in the fight against poverty By Randall Kempner in the Guardian The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington DC Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors”Heinert said districts will still be able to control in-service days,A Facebook page for supporters stated the group had more than 15, Rastriya Janamorcha and Nepal Majdoor Kissan Party has one member each and one HoR member is an independent member. a preloaded injection of epinephrine or adrenaline that can treat anaphylactic shock. Bengaluru FC players celebrate after scoring against FC Pune City in their ISL match. possibly as much as 200 kilometers tall, especially my siblings and me. And he hopes the program, according to its website.

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