Geek deals 50 off Zeemote smartphone joysticks

first_imgComplex games are kind of obnoxious on a touchscreen. There’s not really a good way to play games that require a D-Pad or a joystick with just your thumbs and the screen. In a world where people have been known to hurl controllers through televisions when “the controller messes up”, it’s probably a good idea to remove video game related frustration from your sub $600 phone.Recently, we took a look at some of the best new phone accessories for under $30, and the Zeemote joystick was one of my favorites. Now, for Memorial Day weekend, Zeemote is offering their Bluetooth smartphone joystick for 50% off on Amazon.Zeemote’s SDK emables developers to add Zeemote support to their games, and more game developers are doing so every week. Zeemote’s currently supported game catalog on Android is diverse and entertaining, but it doesn’t quite work on everything you would want to play just yet. Most recently, the Android favorite SpeedX3D added Zeemote support, which made the game significantly more enjoyable for me than the accelerometer style navigation.The Zeemote is incredibly simple to use, light enough that you can slide it into your pocket or backpack, and the replaceable battery inside lasts for well over 50 hours of gameplay. If you are a fan of classic arcade games, shooters, or aerial combat games on your phone, the Zeemote will make the game so much more fun.You can grab one or more of these little controllers until Monday using the promo code “JS1MDE12”. A quick peek over at also just pointed out to me that there appear to be less than 20 remaining for purchase, so be quick if you want one.last_img

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