Lunde Haraldsen uncomfortable in Gyor

Kathrine Lunde Haraldsen since this season has a new team, Gyor, and that means new city, new land. But for her it also means new way of training, and much different from the one in Norway, and the Hungarian language is still “greek” to her.She complained that the new trainings are conducted lots of time with “medicine ball” and that this makes it more difficult for her, and at the same time admits that she hadn’t marked any special development, but notices that they are very commited to this type of training in Gyor.Another problem is the linguistic, and she acknowledges that she needs to learn the basics of the Hungarian language, because the team plays as one, and therefore needs perfect understanding between the team players. GyorKathrine Lunde Haraldsen ← Previous Story Kasper Hvidt publishes controversial book Next Story → Zarko Markovic in Al Ahly (Saudi Arabia)

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