Video reenactment challenges SIU report

 (Update)The family of a Hamilton man shot dead by police has teamed up with a local activist group to create a video for the public to see, re-enacting Steve Mesic’s death.The father of Mesic’s widow, Norm Dorr, says there are discrepancies between what the family was told and the evidence presented in the Special Investigation Unit’s findings.The video is called “Cops kill Steve Mesic: SIU cover up exposed.”In it, the father of Mesic’s widow, Norm Dorr, and about three others re-enact the events surrounding Mesic’s death. Pointing out what they say are discrepancies in the Special Investigation Unit’s report which found two subject officers were justified in their use of lethal force against Mesic.Terry Wilson: “I think if there is a problem with the SIU report it needs to be publicly known. There has to be action taken towards that. Umm that is if the discrepancy is accurate.”Terry Wilson and Frankie Gotz of the Canadian Awareness Network say the family approached them to create the video.Frankie Gotz: “Norm already spoke with mainstream media about the discrepancies so we just kind of left off where the mainstream media left off and we went out and actually filmed the discrepancies.”Video: “Then he rolled out from under the fence. well we’re going to show just how hard it is.”Among other things the video asks why the officers didn’t pepper spray Mesic when he was crawling under a fence toward police with a shove and questions how far away he was from the officers when they fired.“What we’re saying is that according to the way the cops shot Steve we would have to have bullets in the wall of the house and there are no bullets in the wall of the house.”The SIU’s report didn’t specify how many shots were fired, only that at least one bullet from each of the officers handguns struck Mesic. Hamilton police Chief Glenn De Caire says there are factual inaccuracies in the video but won’t comment further until an inquest is held.The Office of the Chief Coroner says their own investigation is ongoing to determine whether an inquest will be called into Mesic’s death. Tuesday, the SIU declined to comment on the video telling us everything they have to say about the shooting was already issued in their media release. 00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09

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