Moroccan Students Abroad Largest Student Body in France in 2017

Rabat – The French Agency for the Promotion of Higher Education, Hospitality, and International Mobility, “Campus France,” is ranking Moroccans as the largest foreign student body in France during the 2017 academic year.The number of Moroccan students in France stood at 38,002, or 43.9 percent of foreign students in 2016-2017. This reflects an increase of 17 percent compared the 2011-2016 period.After the Moroccan student community, which contains the most foreign students in France, the Chinese student population constitutes 28,760 individuals, while Algerians stand at 26,116. Tunisians are third with 12,390 students. Moroccans also rank 6th among foreign PhD students in France (991) in 2016-2017.France is ranked 4th among host countries of international students behind the US, the UK, and Australia and ahead of Germany.Forty-five percent of foreign students in France come from Africa, 19 percent from Europe, 16 percent from Asia-Oceania, 9 percent from America and 4 percent from the Middle East, according to Campus France.

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