Global Counterterrorism Forum Extends Moroccos Mandate as CoChair

Rabat – Morocco and the Netherlands’ co-chairmanship of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) will be extended for another two years, the forum announced  on Wednesday.The decision to extend the two countries’ mandate was taken yesterday during the Eighth GCTF Ministerial Plenary Meeting in New York.The Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, who co-chaired the meeting with his Dutch counterpart Bert Koenders, told the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) that Morocco and the Netherlands had agreed to extend their mandate for another two years at the request of other state members. “As the current mandate will draw to a close at the end of 2017, member states have requested from Morocco and the Netherlands to continue to chair this important structure until 2020,” said Bourita.The minister said he saw this renewal of “trust” in Morocco to continue its mandate as an indication of the success of the kingdom’s counter-terror operations, calling it a “recognition of Morocco’s precious contribution” in this field.The GCTF Ministerial Meeting reiterated the commitment of state members to fight terrorism and violent extremism.The forum recognized the complex and global nature of terrorism, urging states to join efforts in order to face the threat.“We recognize that no state can address these threats alone,” said the meeting’s statement.“We underline that deepened and enhanced international cooperation is essential to protecting our citizens, strengthening global security, fostering stability and resilience, and helping to create the conditions for the long-term success of our actions to eliminate terrorism.”

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