Suicide Attack on Syria Wedding Kills 32

Hasakeh (Syria) – A suicide bomber has struck a wedding in northeast Syria killing 32 people, a medical source said. The bomber blew himself up late Monday in the village of Tall Tawil in Hasakeh province where a Kurdish party official was getting married.About 100 people were wounded, according to the medical source in Hasakeh city. The Islamic State (IS) jihadist group said in a statement that one of its fighters had fired on a “large gathering” of Kurdish fighters near Hasakeh city before blowing himself up.The groom, Zaradesht Mustafa Fatimi, hails from a prominent family deeply involved in the autonomous administration run by Kurdish factions in Syria’s north.According to an official from the autonomous administration, Fatimi works for a local Kurdish party.Hasakeh city is almost entirely held by Kurdish forces but Syria’s regime still holds some districts. The city has often been targeted by IS jihadists.

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