Northern Pulp Stack Test Results Posted

first_imgThe Department of Environment posted stack test results from Northern Pulp in Pictou County today, Aug. 21. Testing was completed July 24, by Stantec Consulting Ltd. The results, the first since the new precipitator began its commissioning in June, show a marked improvement over the mill’s previous test results in April. Particulate emissions from the recovery boiler are well below the new regulatory limit, indicating that the new precipitator is working as expected. The emissions limit in the 2015 industrial approval is almost 80 per cent lower than the mill’s previous approval. Commissioning of the new equipment is expected to be complete by late October. “We’re pleased to see such positive results so early in the commissioning phase of the new precipitator,” said Environment Minister Andrew Younger. “This is an important milestone in our work to ensure a cleaner operating mill, and to ensure we support Nova Scotians in their desire for an environmentally healthy and prosperous Pictou county.” All other stack test results were also below the required limits, including the power boiler which was slightly above the approved limit in April. In July’s ministerial decision, Environment staff were directed to review information received during the appeal process. Staff continue to meet with Northern Pulp on reductions in water use. The outcome is expected in September. The deadline for appeals to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia on Northern Pulp’s industrial approval is August 24. To date, two appeals have been filed, one from Northern Pulp and one from Pictou Landing First Nations. The stack test results can be found at .last_img

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