Epperson Mountaineering: Modern Packs with Retro Style

first_img Pilgrim Surf Supply and Birdwell Beach Britches Just Made the Best New Boardshorts for Summer How 2 Brooklynites are Reviving an Iconic Midwestern Supper Club Welcome to Funner, California (Yes, It’s a Real Place) Editors’ Recommendations If you’re looking for a rock-solid backpack with all the charm of the 1980’s, but the technology and materials of the modern day, look no further than Epperson Mountaineering.The company was founded back in 1973, and while the materials Epperson uses to make its packs has evolved over the years, the brand’s unique retro styling hasn’t changed a bit. They’ve got a few newer models that are somewhat period-neutral, but the majority of the company’s collection wouldn’t look out of place next to a Walkman and a “Where’s The Beef” t-shirt.And don’t be fooled by the looks either – this isn’t a brand that’s all form and no function. Founder Mark Epperson has been striving to design the world’s best backpack for damn near five decades, and after all those years of experimentation and careful tweaking, he’s developed a line of packs that are as utilitarian as they are unique.Produced from start to finish in the company’s small Montana workshop, Epperson’s backpacks offer a masterclass in handcrafted construction. Materials like 1000 denier Cordura and mil-spec webbing make them ridiculously durable; and the high-grade tanned leather detailing, double sewn seams, beefy YKZ zippers, and reinforced stress points really set the company’s rucksacks apart from the competition.Check ’em out on the company’s website. They might not be as well known as Osprey or Arc’teryx, but if you try one out you definitely wont be disappointed. A Beginner’s Guide to Road Biking Dickies 1922 Collection Offers Some of the Best Menswear Made in Americalast_img

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