Marcelo: “I don’t want to go”

first_imgMarcelo Marcelo “I tell you one thing: Hazard is very top” Golden Ball: “This Ballon d’Or … Between the two they had to fight and then the others. They cannot compete with others. The pain of both is that they lack the World Cup. If one manages to win the World Cup it would be … ”.Vinicius and Rodrygo: “I see 18-year-old children arriving and I see them as children. When I arrived I thought I was mature, that I already knew. And I didn’t know anything. Was a kid”.Who has impressed you the most? Vinicius is a total blast. He has incredible dribbling, he is top, top. The speed he has with the ball, he has played futsal … It reminds me of Robinho but with much more speed. And Rodrygo is calm, easy going and looks like he’s been playing for 10 years. Smart, play, pim, play … They are different. I tell them, calmly your time will come, now give it to Benzema who scores goals and that’s it “objectives: “I want one more Champions League. And with the national team I want the World Cup ”.Lockdown: “I only go out once a day with my four dogs. The people here are respecting him a lot, but it has been very hard. Unfortunately, there are many deaths. You have to stay home, now go out a little at the hours they leave. People did not expect it to be so hard. The world has stopped and the moment is very hard, but staying at home I have seen things that I can do, be more with my family, read books and do meditation, that I have never in my life have done”.It doesn’t take well to stand: “I don’t stop for a minute, I’m always racing. I try to stop for a few minutes to think and relax. It’s difficult for me because I can’t stand.” Interest of Italy: “I heard here two years ago that I signed with Juve, who was wearing the Juve shirt that did not live without Cristiano … People invent many things. I think it’s good that I’ve seen some Juve fans that they liked. ”It’s hard to let you out: “I don’t want to go out and I think Madrid wouldn’t let me. Here I am very well. Since I have come here with my family, I have an incredible story. I don’t know if it’s true that Juve loves me, really. “Roberto Carlos: “Whenever I talk to Roberto Carlos, I still get very nervous. He is my idol. Ever since I started playing futsal, I had a lot of attention on him. I was thinking, how can it go so often up and down. “Sergio Ramos: “When I first saw him, he was very young, but he had a great leadership. It was known that he would be a leader. And the truth that yes. I have accompanied him over the years and I have seen that he has grown a lot. It was expected. I knew he was going to be such a great leader. “Zidane: “People thought they couldn’t handle the locker room, with so much weight. AND Zizou it has made it amazing. When you enter Zizou In the team we were in a very hard moment, very difficult, that we won almost nothing and with work and humility and understanding the players, nothing more, we have achieved that. But we do not forget the previous work. Ancelotti did a very great job… ” In this time of confinement and slowdown in football, the Instagram Lives of players and former players have become common. This Friday, Marcelo has chatted with Fabio Cannavaro, with whom he met at Real Madrid for two and a half seasons (2006-2009). The Brazilian spoke of his intentions after hanging up his boots, of the rival who caused him the most headache, of Hazard, and of the fresh air of Vinicius and Rodrygo. He also confessed that he wants to continue on target, as AS told on April 1.center_img Hazard: “He took a host in the leg. He had an injury to the same leg before. Fabio, I tell you one thing: he is very top. The speed of doing things is very different. It was fine, but then this injury came, which was a shame. And now I think he will come back now. ” Your funniest companion: “One of you, you were always joking. In our time, Iker was not a joker, Mahamadou Diarra was a phenomenon, Robinho, Cassano … This did not stop. Joke joke…”.Marcelo, after Cannavaro says that Maradona has been the best by far and that Ronaldo Nazario is the only one who has approached Maradona: “I trained little with Ronaldo, but only with this time I saw how the knee turned. It wasn’t normal. “Who is better, Cristiano or Messi? “It is a question to screw those who have played soccer. Each one has his thing. As I have trained with Cristiano and I have played with him for ten years, the motivation that Cristiano gives you on the field, the things he does, how he talks, how he takes you … He is top. (Cannavaro says: “It could be that Cristiano is a leader in this and Messi sees himself less, he never gets angry …). But with the ball, Messi can be stopped and out of nowhere he takes a ball and… ” “To Vinicius and Rodrygo I say: ‘Give it to Benzema” Future plans: “The age is coming. I am now turning 32. I have a few things in mind. I want to work. I don’t want to work with soccer directly. I have no characteristics to be a coach. But I always had one thing on my mind, I have lived many things in Brazil when I was 15 years old. I have seen many soccer agents tell some parents about their children: ‘Come on, come on, I’m going to give you this and this. And in the end the boy, having a lot of quality, stays on the road because the agent only thought about money. They’ve left a lot of kids screwed up. Many children have been screwed for wanting money before instead of working the child. He sold a child to another club, earned his money and ciao. I want to work to help these children, I want to work with this first. “The player who has complicated him the most: “You know that against us people play as if it were the last game of their lives. Since I attack a lot, people always come and there is a greater chance that I will be confronted. The most, at the beginning, I think … Let’s see, I never played against Cristiano. Messi I think that … We are talking about Messi. It would be hypocritical to say another player here. I have had many players. Jesús Navas in his time… I remember that after a match against Sevilla they killed me for three weeks. He was tiny, but then… ”.last_img

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