The Cup will give place in Europe if there is no final or LaLiga ends

first_imgReal Sociedad, being at this time in fourth position, would enter the Champions League, while Athletic, in its capacity as a Cup finalist, would gain a place in the Europa League along with the other two teams that would now hold that right, Getafe and Atlético de Madrid. But in any case, the Federation insists that “that would only be in the undesired case that the Championship could not be restarted, because with one or two days being played the classification could change.”In the RFEF they also remember that the idea is “to play the Cup final and restart LaLiga.” “Only in the event that they cannot finish the competitions would the top four go to the Champions League, the fifth and sixth to the Europa League and the seventh will be the one with a positive right, in this case being qualified for the final Cup. The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) “trusts that the League Championship can be resumed”, but in the event that this is not the case has a classification criteria prepared for Europe. According to the body chaired by Luis Rubiales, “in the event that UEFA requires the Royal Spanish Football Federation to specify the clubs classified to participate in European competitions, without having been able to finish the national championships that give access to the same, The criteria of best sports condition will be taken into account at the time when it must be decided and in any case, giving priority to the sports results of the First Division for the places awarded in said competition and that of the finalists of the Copa de S.M. the king for the place that is awarded in said competition “.As Isaac Fouto announced at COPE, the Federation would dominate the Cup finalists with a European place, but the RFEF pointed out that it would be only in the event that LaLiga could not be restarted, even if it were one or two days, or dispute the Cup final, something that in the RFEF they still consider “improbable” because they prefer to be “optimistic”.last_img

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