Racing Engineers

first_imgNASCAR was started by Good Ole Boys driving hot rods on the beach in an attempt to prove that they could build the best car.  Oh, how that has changed.The management and pit box crew are now dominated by engineering graduates.  The last NASCAR race at Watkins Glen, New York, is living proof of the influence engineers have on NASCAR.Martin Truex won the race because his crew figured out how much fuel he needed to save to cross the finish line.  After building a big lead, he would ease up on the gas every chance he got.  Their calculations allowed him to stay ahead and finish the race.  His engine started sputtering before he was a quarter of a mile beyond the finish line.  I don’t think the Good Ole Boys could plan that good.  Just as an added note:  Ryan Newman, a car driver, has an engineering degree from Purdue.  Even the drivers are becoming engineers.last_img

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