Watch What You Say On The Air

first_imgAn amusing story in Sports Illustrated listed what several sports commentators said on air that got them suspended.  Bill Simmons was suspended three weeks for criticizing Roger Goodell on the air.  Max Bretos received 30 days suspension for the remark “chink in the armor” when he was referring to Jeremy Lin’s play in the NBA.  Tony Kornheiser was suspended 2 weeks for his remarks on Hannah Storm’s wardrobe.  Teddy Atlas was suspended 2 weeks for arguing with his program director.  Keith Oldermann  received 2 months for calling Bristol, Connecticut, a god-forsaken place, and Dan LeBatard had to sit out 2 days for renting a billboard mocking LeBron James.I once had to write a letter of apology for saying a certain basketball player took a bad shot in a game that I was broadcasting.  I believe when a 6’5″ center shoots a 3-pointer with less than 10 seconds in the game with his team leading by two points was still a bad shot.  However, I still wrote the letter of apology.  My advice is, “watch what you say when you are on radio or TV”.   You may not mean it exactly like it sounds.last_img

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