Driving growth with the right cloud

first_imgNearly 90 percent of businesses have adopted cloud technologies to some degree, and 43 percent of those businesses wish they’d done so earlier. That’s because increasing agility, insight and innovation is easier with the right cloud solutions. Although hybrid cloud is now the model accepted as preferable for most organizations, the answer depends on individual business needs. Moreover, it can be challenging to determine how best to implement your cloud in a way that drives the most value for your customers and for your bottom line. And what about tomorrow? How do you keep your IT options open so you can scale or even change your cloud model to meet new requirements, quickly and affordably?Being able to choose your own cloud destiny inspired us to share how some of our Dell customers are using cloud today. The new eBook called “Be Your Own Chief Cloud Officer” shows how you can use Dell Cloud Solutions to:Control your path to help reduce risk and improve the services you deliver to your customers.Know your costs so you can boost ROI and cut TCO.Get your business future-ready with a flexible cloud platform that can evolve as needed.Your time is precious, so the eBook is brief and to the point. A high-level overview touches on the technology and service choices you get with Dell Cloud Solutions. To give you some insight into the different paths companies take to the cloud, the eBook also provides three real-world examples of cloud use cases. Each snapshot summarizes the organization’s rationale for choosing Dell Cloud Solutions, what each infrastructure looks like and what the results are.For instance, by migrating from a public cloud to a private cloud based on leased Dell servers, website ad auctioneer Zenovia Exchange scaled the number of auctions it processes per second from 60,000 to 600,000, boosted revenue by 1,000 percent, and gained the insight and control it needs to compete in an industry where performance is measured in milliseconds.By building its own public cloud with end-to-end Dell technologies, eLearning provider IIHT cut storage costs by 80 percent, sped the time it takes to launch new curriculum to just 15 days, and increased the number of IT professionals it can teach per year from 60,000 to more than 100,000. This includes its global students — and now, its customers’ students as well.By creating a hybrid cloud with public services from Quadria and IT from Dell, LeGuide.com quickly consolidated its physical servers to shrink the footprint supporting its shopping website as well as its acquired shopping portal, Ciao, by 40 percent. Plus, it boosted security and accelerated response times for shoppers, even when there are unexpected traffic spikes.Take a few minutes and check out the “Be Your Own Chief Cloud Officer” eBook. You’ll see why a recent Forrester Consulting study shows that companies that implement an onsite Dell Cloud Solution powered by Intel® technologies realize more than $4.3 million in savings in software, storage and networking costs over three years.And now we’d like to hear from you. How are you using cloud technologies today and how do you see your cloud evolving in the future? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.last_img read more

The Power of Dell + EMC = Increased Choice, Broader Use Cases, Lower Price Points for Customers

first_imgToday we announced the inclusion of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers into our hyper-converged infrastructure portfolio (HCI). Incorporating the world’s number one server platform into our already market leading portfolio is testament to our vision of Dell EMC being stronger, and better together. We have used the combined power of the two companies to vertically integrate all the critical ingredients of the hyper-converged infrastructure stack, from hyper-converged software to the latest innovations in x86 hardware in order to deliver increased choice, wider use cases, lower entry price points, and improved all-flash economics for our customers. There could be no better validation of how Dell EMC is helping customers move forward by incorporating the technology they want and need to become more agile, flexible and competitive.At the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division, customers are at the heart of everything we do.  That’s why when, during the formation of Dell EMC, there was a clear demand for incorporating the mighty PowerEdge servers into our portfolio, we moved fast to provide our customers with the increased choice that the ubiquitous PowerEdge servers offer. When the IDC and Gartner quarterly server market share reports for Q2 2016 recognized PowerEdge as #1 in server shipments worldwide, it was clear that its addition to Dell EMC’s winning HCI portfolio would add more choice, flexibility and produce fantastic outcomes for our customers.We know that use cases and workloads vary greatly, and we strongly believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to HCI. Therefore the expansion of Dell EMC’s portfolio of HCI to support a much wider variety of customer use cases is the right way forward. A broader choice not only enables customers to do more, it can also provide better value and more appropriate, targeted solutions.Hear what Chad Sakac has to say and read more on his blog.Our customers opting for VxRail Appliances will now benefit from the increased performance of the latest Intel Broadwell platforms and a new 3-node entry for a lower starting point. New configurations based on PowerEdge servers will include:Storage dense: high capacity nodes configured for storage-heavy environments like Microsoft Exchange or big data environments that offer the lowest unit costGPU optimized: nodes optimized for graphics-heavy environments that benefit from faster rendering time, such as 2D/3D visualization.Entry level: A cost-optimized option that gives Dell EMC a smaller form factor for remote and branch offices.For the VxRack System, two new PowerEdge-based configurations are available, both of which can be configured with all-flash, storage only, or hybrid. Compared to previous VxRack System all-flash node configuration options, the Dell EMC PowerEdge servers provide better all-flash economics, application acceleration and unparalleled value.All VxRail Appliances and VxRack System customers, regardless of size, can take advantage of Dell EMC synergies to deliver hyper-converged solutions for their data center core and edge locations. Adding more value, our hyper-converged portfolio of appliances and racks is optimized for both traditional and cloud-native workloads running in mixed environments.In keeping with our commitment to putting customers first, we are also facilitating investment protection for customers. They can buy existing appliances and racks or new Dell EMC PowerEdge-based systems, and mix and match these nodes in a cluster as required and, if they want, upgrade to newer architectures over time.The addition of PowerEdge servers in the VxRail and VxRack portfolios is a great example of why Dell and EMC are better together not just in principle, but in reality – we are delivering real customer value by innovating fast, leveraging Dell’s world-class supply chain to drive down costs and offering our customers increased choice and flexibility.last_img read more

From Dusty to Digital!

first_imgThe International Tennis Hall of Fame (ITHF) was displaying less than 10 percent of its vast collections of over 25,000 tennis artifacts. In the digital era, space constraints are a thing of the past and ITHF knew it needed to transform its IT infrastructure to tennis fans across the globe.The museum chose to work with Dell EMC to digitally transform its collection that includes more than 1,100 racquets representative of the evolution of the sport and of great moments in tennis history. There are more than 250 scrapbooks that chronicle the lives and careers of tennis’ greatest champions just waiting to be displayed. Imagine 3,500+ video and audio recordings, over 600 pieces of tennis inspired decorative art, and more than 2,500 books all in one place!Ultimately, the team will create an application on the ITHF website making the entire collection accessible online in an organized manner. Sharing the inspiring stories of the Hall of Famers and the impact of the sport will open a limitless environment where tennis fans’ curiosities are instantly entertained.We help organizations build their digital future. Expanding the reach of ITHF and making this information readily accessible through a digital archive allows the museum to encourage online learning, build new programs and provide greater access to content and engage with fans worldwide, not just those who visit Newport.These assets will afford the ITHF many new opportunities to promote tennis history through exhibitions, video production, educational programming and mobile applications.When the multiyear project nears completions, we expect to see the International Tennis Hall of Fame’s online museum as the first stop for all things tennis, where fans can learn from and be motivated by tennis’s great history.last_img read more

Liz Weston: The tax credit fix many can’t afford to miss

first_imgLow-income families have long relied on tax refunds to catch up on bills, cover medical needs and pay down debt. But just as the pandemic-fueled recession has put many in a precarious financial position, their tax refunds could be much smaller this year — or they could owe. People who did not have taxes withheld from their unemployment benefits may face a tax bill. But perhaps more significant, unemployment benefits don’t apply to two critical tax credits that fuel the refunds for millions of people. There is a fix, though it’s not been widely publicized: Taxpayers can use 2019 income, rather than 2020 income, to qualify for tax credits.last_img

Renewed US-Russia nuke pact won’t fix emerging arms threats

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration was quick to breathe new life into the last remaining treaty limiting U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons. The going will be slower when it turns to other arms control problems that are either festering or emerging as potential new triggers of an international arms race. China is modernizing its arsenal of nuclear weapons and has shown no interest in negotiating limits. North Korea is at or near the point of being able to threaten the U.S. homeland with a nuclear missile strike. Russia has begun deploying  exotic new weapons. Iran is the biggest missile threat in the Mideast.last_img

El Salvador kept paying DC lobbyist after claim he was fired

first_imgMIAMI (AP) — Washington lobbyist Robert Stryk continued working for El Salvador’s government even after the country’s president claimed he had annulled a $450,000 contract that triggered a wave of criticism in the poor Central American country. Newly filed foreign lobbying records disclosed Saturday show that Stryk’s Sonoran Policy Group continued making calls to congressional offices and collected $214,000 in payments from El Salvador’s state intelligence agency even after President Nayib Bukele’s office said in August it had backed away from the deal.last_img