moe. Now Has Their Own Brand Of Whiskey

first_imgWhile many bands have their own unique beers, moe. has taken their alcohol branding to the next level with a unique barrel of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. In a partnership with with The Wine Rack in New Jersey, the band sampled from three barrels of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select and picked their favorite.Now, The Wine Rack will be selling limited edition moe. bottles from this barrel only, and each bottle features a medallion with the moe. logo, as well as rick number, barrel number and the bottling date. Check it out here!moe. kicks off their summer tour with three nights in Portland, ME, beginning tomorrow night, June 16th. You can read our in-depth interview with drummer Vinnie Amico, conducted by moe.down Mayor Rex Thomson, to get a sense of what to expect![Photo by Paul Citone]last_img read more

String Cheese’s Michael Kang Goes In-Depth On New Music And The SCI Sound Lab

first_imgIt’s a truly exciting time to be a fan of The String Cheese Incident. After 23 years of existence, the band continues to press boundaries in any direction possible. Whether its incorporating new musical elements, collaborating with special guests or more, SCI never ceases to evolve as creative artists. The latest step in their evolution is the SCI Sound Lab, a recording studio that the band can call their very own. With the freedom to create on their own schedule, the band both announced the Sound Lab and released SCI Sound Lab Vol. 1, complete with three tracks created in the new laboratory.With new music in mind, we sat down with Cheese’s own Michael Kang for an extensive interview on all things String Cheese. The first part of the interview talks extensively about the band’s new music, and is printed below for your reading pleasure.L4LM: Let’s dive right in with the new material. Obviously last week’s big announcement was the new SCI Sound Lab.MK: We’ve been definitely incubating this new situation that we have, where we bought a building in Colorado. It’s the first time we’ve ever really had our own space, so we’re really excited to be able to turn it into a creative lab. We’re excited, we’ve got it all set up. It’s kind of like our own little clubhouse now with all our stuff.L4LM: You didn’t record Song In My Head there, right?MK: No, we did that one at a studio in town. You know, these days, everybody is pretty much working on a lot of studio stuff. Not that it’s easy, but it’s a lot easier to have your own home studio and work recording stuff.As the recording industry changes so much, we felt it’s more important to constantly put out stuff. Albums, unfortunately, seem like they’re dying in popularity. That’s a whole other discussion, but at the same time, we just felt like it was necessary for us, creatively, to keep putting stuff out. Honestly, it’s one of those things where we as writers, and as a band, will start to create music together. Sometimes we struggle because we write a song and we’ll be like, ‘Man, I don’t know if it works for String Cheese’ or the concept of the band. We have a lot of interests, musically, and I think we just decided that none of that really matters. We’ll just write songs, some of them sound like us. We might write songs that we never even play live. We just want to get into a creative space and write. It could be more electronic tracks, folk tracks, guest singers, collaborations. We just want to be open to it all, for all intents and purposes. It’s kind of a laboratory for us.L4LM: Do you see this as the logical next step for the SCI Fidelity label?MK: Yeah, our intention is to really make it a hub for all of our friends, side projects, whatever. Yeah, we’ll see how it goes. We don’t really know how the best way to put it all out, we just want to make it available to everybody. We want to crank content and have it all available to our fans. And it’s really good for the band too.L4LM: Does that mean other artists will be utilizing the Sound Lab as well?MK: Yeah, hopefully. We really just started – we bought the property last fall, started recording everything there. We’re just really getting the studio set up. Our sound guy Chris is learning, getting better at engineering. We haven’t had any guest artists on this new schedule of releases we have. We have some people that are local, friends of ours that have guested on it, different singers and stuff. We’re not putting any preconceived notions of anything on it; we just want to use it as a template for doing whatever we feel like. To be at that level is really exciting.L4LM: I know that the band’s announcement mentioned an extended songwriting session. Care to comment on the scope, and the schedule, of that?MK: So, we’ve been a band for 23 years. In the early days, we were all so busy touring that we’d literally try to do writing on the road, then we’d get together to rehearse. So much of the focus was on learning a song and putting it out into the live rotation. Then when we’d go into an album, usually you’d go into a studio and then you feel like you’re forced to produce these songs that you’ve been working on for a while.We’ve never done anything that was like a complete open slate. Especially since all of the guys in the band started having kids and stuff, everybody was getting really busy in their lives. And so, we came up with this idea – we should just go on a band retreat and have a completely open creative experience where we weren’t forced to feel like we had to do anything. We could kinda reconnect as guys and just hang out. So we rented this house in Arizona and we went on hikes and we cooked meals together. Without the pressure of the family schedule and whatever routine we do at home – even though our wives probably hated it – we got back to just jamming with no preconceived notions. A lot of times we would start a groove or mine an idea. In the five or six days we were there, we surprised ourselves. We had twenty different stems of songs, some of which were more developed, some of which were just ideas. And we were like, oh this is pretty darn cool. If we spend the time to just hang out and have music be the complete focus – and at the same time, you’re not spending a ton of money because you’re not in some studio with an engineer paid by the hour. We did that, and out of that we decided on six or seven or eight new songs that really developed. Then we started working with Jerry to bring those into fruition. In total, I think there’s like six new songs coming out.The other thing we wanted to do is to really work on a song before we decided to play it live, just so it really had an identity. Sometimes when you play them live, you’re limited by what you can actually do in the live setting – what instruments you can play. We wanted to do the studio process where we’re like, let’s just throw all that stuff out the window and figure out what the best parts are, whatever instruments they are, and learn to play them that way. We wanted to do it the opposite way.These EPs – we decided we wanted to just get some stuff out. They’re going to be a collection of some new stuff, some stuff that people have never heard, some stuff that we really wanted to record just to get a version of it down that we really felt was the right version of some older stuff. So it’s going to be a combination, and then in the future, who knows? We’ve got tons of ideas. We just had another retreat where we worked on a bunch of tunes, and we’re tossing around the idea of just starting to play them on summer tour before we record them.We are just focused on trying to get more and more new music out, constantly.L4LM: The new EP really encapsulates what you were saying about wanting to record new and older, more familiar tracks. MK: A lot of times, we’ll work on stuff – when we put out an album, putting it in production, putting into the advertising realm and all of that stuff – it takes forever. We had this scenario where we had this album that was essentially in the can but it wasn’t being released for another six months. By the time it came out, we were like, man we’ve been playing this shit for two years!L4LM: We had a nice fresh cut from you on the album called “Believe.” Can you tell us about it?MK: I think that song just popped in my head, the chorus of it. It was just one of those things that stuck in there for a while. It’s not like I really worked on it, I just had the concept in my head and then Jerry and I worked on the lyrics a lot. That one came together pretty quickly because I had a pretty good idea of what it was going to sound like. We’re stoked that one came out, it’s great. L4LM: I have to ask, what is it like working with such a legend as Jerry Harrison? MK: He has so much history to get into the musical storytelling, which he’ll do. He’s a really really intelligent human being. Besides just hanging out with him, talking about the music and going through his process, we sit there and talk about a lot of the world. We have a lot of similar interests, like environmental causes, issues, technology and things like that. We bond working on the music, we’re brethren, kindred spirits. It’s really cool to have that with somebody.With any producer, I think sometimes you run through it and some things you agree on, some things you don’t. Overall, he and his engineer ET, they’ve been working together forever, they have a really good system for how they do stuff. Yeah, we’ve learned a lot with them. In the future we’re going to try self-producing stuff, just to see how it goes and get our production chops up. That’s exciting too, but overall it’s been a great experience.Stay tuned to Live for Live Music for part two of this interview, where Kang goes in depth about the many exciting performances that String Cheese Incident has up ahead! You can download SCI Sound Lab Volume 1 for free, by following this link.last_img read more

Hawaiian Local Duets With Matisyahu Before Realizing Who He Is [Watch]

first_imgIt’s always refreshing to see someone live out a dream that they didn’t know existed. In a Maui coffee shop, local resident Kekoa Alama started his day with an impromptu performance, where he unabashedly sang “One Day” by Matisyahu. Another man joined in, and unbeknownst to him, it was the reggae singer himself, who was in town for the MayJah RayJah Music Festival on Maui and at the Waikiki Shell.At the end of the song, the local told the star, “You have a beautiful voice, man,” not knowing who he had just shared the moment with.“You know who wrote that song?” Matisyahu responded, then pointed to himself. The two exchanged smiles and handshakes, then information so that the local performer and his girlfriend could attend that night’s concert as Matisyahu’s guest. It’s moments like these that will last forever. We spoke to Matisyahu about the experience, and he was quite reflective. “20 years ago, I was this same kid rapping outside Nectar’s for spare change and sleeping in the park in Burlington, waiting for Phish tour to start. Life can be an awesome journey. Blessed love.” Watch this moving video below.[captured by Stu Brooks]last_img read more

Five Reasons Why You Should Always Support Your Local Bands

first_imgThere are probably more bands than jobs on the market, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken for granted. If you were to walk down the main street of any popular city or town, the chances of you walking past live music are very high. While the chances of them drawing you in to stay for their set might be slim, it’s for gosh-darn-certain that the time is worth the try.Because you never know who‘s the next what, it’s important to support as much live music as possible. If they don’t impress you, simply carry on and know that your lack in attendance will most likely influence the club promoter’s decision to never invite them back; and thus the cycle will continue until the musicians realize whether or not to continue their passion with hopes of making a day job. If they do impress you, well, there’s a world of endless opportunity that can start from the bar stool of an old sports bar in the corner of god knows where on a Tuesday night.Here are five of many reasons why you should always go out and support your local bands!5. Numbers mean everything.If you’ve decided that you are in favor of a local band that is most likely not charging any more than $5 for entry (if any at all), you should go out and support them. It’s the only way they will be invited back out, and therefore the only way they will continue to get noticed. Life only gets better with more music, so why not support it all you can?4. Like the musicians, the techs, bartenders, and bouncers need to get paid too. The music business is all-encompassing. Everything you need to run a successful bar, club, or lounge is needed to operate a venue. If the smaller shows don’t sell, they won’t be able to support the larger shows; and so on. Nectar’s got its legacy because of a local band named Phish.3. Supporting music is (quite literally) supporting life.For many who try to make a living out of it, music is life. It might (just barely) pay their bills, and it might (only sometimes) get them laid, or perhaps (but not likely) it will lead to a full career, but it is 100% worth supporting a dream–even if it (probably won’t) change a life. These people, too, need food on their table. Though there is ALWAYS the chance that their career DOES take off, and therefore your support means the world. For a person dedicating themselves to an industry once described as “a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs,” they, too, must see that “there’s also a negative side” (Hunter S. Thompson). Everything is worth it if you make it.2. As far as new experiences, you never know what you’ll walk in to.So long as you go about your automatic existence, go home after work, “catch up on sleep,” or rationalize another time over the now, you will never gain a new experience; you will never meet the people you should meet; and you will never gain back the time you’ve lost. So be sure to do the unexpected, talk to strangers, and find the others. You may never know who’s to walk through the door unless you go through it first.Every adventure has the capacity to turn into an experience, so long as you put yourself out there, do things you normally wouldn’t do, and do your best to radiate radical change all the while.1. Everyone needs a vacation.Neither the musicians, promoters, or management, nor the agents, ticket-buyers, or fan-base will ever get one without the initial support. Whether the concert pays for the vacation, or the concert IS the vacation, be sure to find your link within the cycle. Let music be the gift that keeps on giving.last_img read more

Umphrey’s McGee Offers Three 2016 Debuts In Knoxville Heater

first_imgUmphrey’s McGee continued their conquest of Tennessee last night, playing the second night of a three-night run in the state. This time, the band found themselves leading the charge at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, TN, bringing fans to their knees for an incredible night of music. Umphrey’s continues to keep fans on their toes, and opened the show with their first “Depth Charge” since 2014! The song set the pace for a frenzied night of music, which saw the band bust out two more songs that hadn’t been played at all during 2016. The band reached deep into their catalog and pulled out Waylon Jennings’ “Good Ol’ Boys” in the first set for the first time since 10/29/14, and later they would bust out a version of Pink Floyd’s “Young Lust” for the first time since 2015, in the middle of “Phil’s Farm” no less.The show itself was jam-packed with highlights, including an “All In Time > October Rain > All In Time” sandwich and great versions of “The Pequod,” “Liquid” and more throughout the entire show. Watch some footage from the night streaming below courtesy of sharonkay99.The setlist can be seen below, courtesy of Umphrey’s McGee on Twitter.Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee at Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN – 8/19/16Set One: Depth Charge -> Go To Hell, Pequod -> Liquid -> Similar Skin, Good Ol’ Boys, Forks, Hangover, Hurt Bird BathSet Two: You Got The Wrong Guy -> All In Time -> October Rain -> All In Time, Mullet Over, Plunger -> Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Phil’s Farm -> Young Lust -> Phil’s Farm, Wife SoupEncore: Rocker 2last_img read more

Aqueous Announces Extensive 2017 Tour Dates

first_img2017 is here, and with it comes fresh tour dates from bands all over. Today, jam group Aqueous has revealed a full slate of tour dates, adding onto their previously announced schedules with Twiddle and The Disco Biscuits for a major 2017 tour. The full tour schedule sees the band traveling across the country, starting with a show supporting The Disco Biscuits on February 2nd. They’ll head to the Winter Werk Out Festival from there, before heading out through Kansas to Colorado.A number of the tour dates include shows with Twiddle, though a number of them are pure Aqueous headlining affairs. There’s a show with BIG Something in the mix as well, and two hometown throwdowns in Buffalo! They’ll wrap up the tour in New York, NY, supporting Twiddle for two nights at the PlayStation Theater in midtown Manhattan.Check out the full tour schedule below, and head to the band’s website for details.Aqueous 2017 Tour Schedule2/2/2017: Philadelphia, PA- The Fillmore (w- Disco Biscuits)2/4/2017: Columbus, OH- Winter Werk Out @ The Bluestone2/7/2017: Lawrence, KS- The Bottleneck2/9/2017: Ft. Collins, CO- Hodi’s Half Note2/10/2017: Boulder, CO- Boulder Theater (w-Twiddle)2/11/2017: Boulder, CO- Boulder Theater (w- Twiddle)2/12/2017: Steamboat Springs, CO- Schmiggity’s2/13/2017: Denver, CO- Larimer Lounge2/15/2017: Omaha, NE- Reverb Lounge2/16/2017: Columbia, MO- Rose Music Hall2/17/2017: St. Louis, MO- The Bootleg @ Atomic Cowboy2/18/2017: Bloomington, IN- The Bluebird2/24/2017: Greensboro, NC- The Blind Tiger (w BIG Something)3/2/2017: Morgantown, WV- 123 Pleasant Street3/3/2017: Cleveland, OH- Beachland Tavern3/4/2017: Buffalo, NY- Town Ballroom (w- Twiddle)3/5/2017: Buffalo, NY- Town Ballroom (w- Twiddle)3/17/2017: Keene, NH- The Colonial Theatre (w- Twiddle)3/18/2017: Keene, NH- The Colonial Theatre (w- Twiddle)3/23/2017: Rochester, NY- Flour City Station3/24/2017: Stroudsburg, PA- Sherman Theater (w- Twiddle)3/25/2017: Washington, DC- 9:30 Club (w- Twiddle)3/31/2017: New York, NY- PlayStation Theater (w- Twiddle)4/1/2017: New York, NY- PlayStation Theater (w- Twiddle)last_img read more

Fleet Foxes Share First New Song In Six Years, Announce Forthcoming Album

first_imgAfter much anticipation and rumor, the Fleet Foxes have finally made the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. The popular indie band has revealed plans to release a new album, Crack-Up, on June 16th, marking their first official release since 2011. Not only that, but the announcement has come with the release of the first single from the new LP.Titled “Third of May / Ōdaigahara,” the nine minute offering shows a newly energized Fleet Foxes, eager to bring new music to their fans. Watch the lyric video below.After releasing Helplessness Blues in 2011, the band remained quiet while frontman and principle songwriter Robin Pecknold worked on other projects. He scored a Broadway musical, composed his own solo music, and even graduated from college during the band’s hiatus. After six years, it seems Pecknold has found himself working on music for the Fleet Foxes again, and we couldn’t be happier.The band’s current lineup includes Pecknold, Skyler Skjelset, Casey Wescott, Christian Wargo, and Morgan Henderson. Details about the new album can be seen below, and pre-orders can be found here. We can’t wait!Crack-Up Tracklisting:01 I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar02 Cassius, –03 – Naiads, Cassadies04 Kept Woman05 Third of May / Ōdaigahara06 If You Need To, Keep Time on Me07 Mearcstapa08 On Another Ocean (January / June)09 Fool’s Errand10 I Should See Memphis11 Crack-UpUpcoming Tour Dates05-26-29 Sydney, Australia – Sydney Opera House Concert Hall07-01 Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain – Vida Festival07-03 Ferrara, Italy – Piazza Castello07-07 Bilbao, Spain – Bilboa BBK Live07-13 Dublin, Ireland – Iveagh Gardens07-14 Dublin, Ireland – Iveagh Gardens07-16 Southwold, England – Latitude Festival07-27 Portland, ME – Thompson’s Point07-28 Newport, RI – Newport Folk Festival07-29 Columbia, MD – Merriweather Post Pavilion *07-31 Philadelphia, PA – Mann Center for the Performing Arts *08-01 Brooklyn, NY – BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival (Prospect Park Bandshell)08-04 Toronto, Ontario – Massey Hall08-06 Detroit, MI – The Detroit Masonic Temple09-23 Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl @09-27 Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre @* with Animal [email protected] with Beach House[H/T Pitchfork]last_img read more

Soulive Adds GRiZ, Son Little, & The Shady Horns As Special Guests For Night Five Of Bowlive

first_imgAs anticipation builds for the return of Soulive‘s 8-night Brooklyn Bowl residency “Bowlive” this summer, the band has announced guitarist Grant Kwiecinski (GRiZ), Son Little, and The Shady Horns as their special guests for night five of the run, on the first night of the second weekend, June 14th.For years, the instrumental jazz/funk fusion trio held down an annual spot at the Brooklyn Bowl for an extended residency, bringing in different artists on each night of the run to collaborate with Soulive’s Eric Krasno, Neal Evans, and Alan Evans. After taking a year off from that tradition last year, Soulive announced the triumphant return of this cherished New York music scene tradition. Unlike past Bowlives, which were held in March, this run will take place throughout the month of June, broken into two consecutive 4-night stands: June 7th – 10th, and June 14th – 17th. Last week, the band announced that Karl Denson and Steve Kimock will join them on night one, June 7th and Doyle Bramhall II on June 8th. We’ll keep you posted on the rest of the Bowlive special guest announcements as the residency draws closer.You can buy tickets to the show here.[photo by Adam Straughn]last_img read more

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Shares SBDs From 101st Show, Features Second Ever “U.S. Blues”

first_imgOn this week’s taper edition of “Wednesday is the new Tuesday,” Joe Russo’s Almost Dead has shared the recording from March 11, 2017, the second of their six nights at Brooklyn Bowl in NYC. With the band returning to their home base, the energy was at an all time high following the previous night’s 100th show celebration.The celebratory tone ensued with a Hamilton-led “Don’t Ease Me In” opener, before Metzger stepped up for a “Women Are Smarter” jam, which segued into an ever-psychedelic “China Cat Sunflower.” “Feel Like A Stranger” included an “Apache” (Jerry Lordan) tease, according to Box Score extraordinaire Costello. The first set continued with a “Mississippi Half Step,” “Lost Sailor,” and “Saint of Circumstance” which included a Terrapin Jam, hints of “Ruben & Cherise” and an obvious nod to The Beatles with an “Eleanor Rigby” tease. No one does Grateful Dead music in 2017 like Joe Russo’s Almost Dead.In the second set, the quintet returned with a “Greatest Story Ever Told,” with a “Black Throated Wind” jam. The Grateful Dead song led into a striking cover of Led Zeppelin‘s “Moby Dick,” which had not been played since 4/22/15 and was left unfinished. For the first time ever, the Almost Dead played “Music Never Stopped Reprise Reprise,” before busting out “Greatest Story Ever Told Reprise,” which hadn’t been played since 2/17/15.The band also debuted “Stella Blues Jam,” before heading into a special “He’s Gone” which featured teases of the Netflix original series Stranger Things. The themes continued during “The Wheel,” which heard the theme song from The Simpsons carefully mixed in. The second set ended with an electric “So Many Roads” and “Sugar Magnolia.”Joe Russo’s Almost Dead returned to the stage for “Ripple,” which hadn’t been played since 12/31/15, then “US Blues,” which, strikingly, hadn’t been played in 100 shows since 1/26/13.Check out the full setlist below, as posted by band manager Peter Costello, and listen to the full audio as taped by McRoberts:Check out the full setlist below, as posted by band manager Peter Costello.Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Brooklyn Bowl | 3/11/17Set One (9:29PM – 10:32PM)Don’t Ease Me In (TH)Women Are Smarter (SM) ->China Cat Sunflower (TH) ->Feel Like A Stranger @ (SM)Mississippi Half Step (TH) ->Lost Sailor (SM) ->Saint Of Circumstance # (SM)Set Two (11:03PM- 12:30AM)Greatest Story Ever Told $ (SM) ->Moby Dick % ->Music Never Stopped Reprise Reprise ^ (SM) ->Greatest Story Ever Told Reprise &Candyman (TH) ->Uncle Johns Band (All) ->Stella Blue Jam * ->He’s Gone (TH) + ->The Wheel @@ (ALL) ->St. Stephen Jam ->So Many Roads ## (TH)Sugar Magnolia/SSDD (SM)ENC:Ripple $$ (TH) >US Blues %%@ – With an “Apache” (Jerry Lordan) Tease (MB): – With a Terrapin Jam (may become a separate track), Ruben & Cherise Teases (TH) & an “Eleanor Rigby” (The Beatles) Tease (TH)$ – With a Black Throated Wind Jam (may become a separate track)% – Unfinished (no drum solo). Led Zeppelin Cover, not played since 2015-04-22 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, a gap of 79 shows^ – First Time Played by Almost Dead, included lyrics& – Not played since 2015-02-17 State Theater, Portland, ME, a gap of 84 shows* – First Time Played by Almost Dead, included a short He’s Gone Jam at the beginning+ – With a “Stranger Things” (Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein from the band Survive) tease (MB). Yes, the Netflix series Stranger [email protected]@ – With “The Simpsons Theme” (Danny Elfman) teases (SM & DD) & Terrapin Teases (TH & MB)$$ – Not played since 2015-12-31 The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA, a gap of 42 shows%% – Not played since 2013-01-26 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY, a gap of 100 shows. Dave broke a string on the Alembic & played his Gibson SG Bass for most of this.## – I strongly feel that Tommy’s solo at the end of So Many Roads was a homage to Slash’s solo in the Guns N Roses version of Knocking on Heaven’s Door. However, the Box Score is a place for facts & that’s just my opinion man. “Fly Like An Eagle” (Steve Miller Band) some where in the first set… Let me know what you heard.And as always, let me know what I missed.[Photo by Jeremy Scott]last_img read more

Check Out Spectacular Photos And Fan-Shot Videos From Roger Waters’ 2017 Georgia Show

first_imgOn Sunday night, Roger Waters brought his massive “Us + Them” tour to Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, GA. As he has been since the start of this tour in late May, the founding Pink Floyd bassist and his band wowed the near-capacity audience with his towering, visceral, multi-sensory, politically charged production and passionate takes on Floyd classics.Thanks to photographer Carol Spagnuola, you can view a spectacular gallery of photos from Roger Waters’ 7/16/17 “Us + Them” tour stop in Duluth, GA below. You can also check out a collection of fan-shot videos from the performance (courtesy of YouTube user Greg Perry) to get a feel for the unapologetic live stage production [i.e. the string of humanitarian pleas cycled onto the enormous screens during “Pigs (3 Different Ones)].“Money”“Welcome To The Machine”“The Last Refugee”“Wish You Were Here”“Dogs”“Pigs (3 Different Ones)”“Brain Damage > Eclipse”View VideosRoger Waters | Us + Them Tour | Infinite Energy Center | Duluth, GA | 7/16/17 | Photos: Carol Spagnuola Load remaining imageslast_img read more