Corning boys soccer tops division 2 in playoffs

first_imgCorning >> The Corning High School boys varsity soccer team sits atop the division 2 playoffs in the first seed and will host either Gridley or Anderson at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 20 after a bye this week. Gridley will host Anderson Thursday.Corning is at 9-1-0 in league play and 12-4-2 overall. Gridley is 7-3-0 in league and 14-4-2 overall and is the No. 4 seed. Anderson is in the 5th seed at 9-0-1 league and 12-9-2 overall. Red BluffThe Northern Section, CIF division 1 soccer …last_img

Qantas 747 was struck by wake turbulence

first_imgThe Qantas 747 that suffered severe buffeting 110km south of Hong Kong on April 7 apparently encountered wake turbulence from another aircraft flying just above it.The incident, which the Australian Transport Safety Bureau termed as serious, injured 15 passengers.The area just south of Hong Kong is very congested often with aircraft in various holding patterns as air traffic control manages the traffic flow.Wake turbulence is turbulence that forms behind an aircraft as it passes through the air. This turbulence includes various components, the most important of which are wingtip vortices and jetwash.READ: Emirates A380 sends jet into a spinQantas Flt QF29 was operating from Melbourne to Hong Kong.According to the ATSB, the 747 was about to enter a holding pattern at Flight Level 220 (22,000ft) about 110km (60nm) south-east of Hong Kong at a waypoint called BETTY when the aircraft’s stick shaker activated.The stick shaker is a mechanical device that noisily vibrates the pilot’s control column or yoke (the stick) to warn of an imminent aerodynamic stall.(An aerodynamic stall occurs when the angle of attack of the wing causes the air moving over the upper surface to separate from the wing, causing a loss of lift and control.)However, Boeing warns that “a stall must not be confused with the stall warning that alerts the pilot to an approaching stall. Recovery from an approach to stall is not the same as a recovery from an actual stall. An approach to stall is a controlled flight manoeuvre; a stall is an out-of-control, but recoverable, condition.”The Qantas crew immediately disconnected the aircraft’s autopilot and recovered the aircraft manually,  the ATSB said.“While holding at flight level 220, the flight crew received a stick shaker activation and detected airframe buffeting,” it said. ” The flight crew disconnected the autopilot and manoeuvred the aircraft in response.”One of the passengers, teacher Jemma Gendall, told that the pilot made a PA to the passengers telling them that “another aircraft flying overhead had become too close and caused the altitude drop”.Wake turbulence incidents involving A380s, 747s and 757s are a serious issue and have caused a number of deadly crashes as well as numerous injuries to passengers and crew on other aircraft flying just below that encounter the wake.The wake turbulence would have caused significant upset to the 747 and triggered the stick shaker and other alarms.The 747 in question has continued to operate flights normally since the incident.Qantas confirmed that passengers on QF29 experienced “unexpected turbulence’’ about an hour before landing.The airline said the incident lasted about two minutes and the captain called for an ambulance to meet the aircraft on arrival.The injuries were minor, but one passenger was transferred to hospital for a precautionary medical assessment and later released.“We notified the ATSB of the occurrence, and our teams are also reviewing the event,’’ the airline said in a statement. “These investigations need to be completed before Qantas can comment further.”last_img read more

Fall soil sampling?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The goal of a soil sample is to make a fertilizer recommendation for crop production.To provide that recommendation, calibration studies are done to measure crop response.For Ohio, the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations provide the calibration study history for recommendation development.While there are other “recommendations” used in Ohio, few have done the comprehensive work to truly provide this information.For more information on the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations or on developing a soil sampling strategy several references are provided at areas in the field that have similar crop yields, crop rotation histories, fertilizer application methods and sources of applied nutrient. Fields or field areas with a history of livestock production (a former pasture, had manure applications or produced hay) or other unique characteristics may require a different sampling strategy. Field areas represented by any single sample should be less than 25 acres. Use of a yield monitor or grid sampling can lead to development of crop management zones, easing the burden of future sampling.Understand that a single soil sample is not a single core but a composite of numerous cores collected over the field area represented by the sample.Where broadcast applications have occurred a composite sample of 10 to 15 cores is suggested.Where a history of banded application exist in a field or manure application, then increase the number of cores to 20 to 25. In my opinion every field in Ohio has had band applications at some time in the past, so use 20 to 25 cores per sample.The samples are bulked, mixed and then a subsample of about one pound of soil (a pint) is submitted to the lab. Nutrients in the soil are naturally stratified with higher nutrient levels on the surface. This is due to plant residue breakdown and fertilizer placement. Each core taken should be taken to the same depth in the soil profile. Generally a 6- or 8-inch sample should be taken.The primary goal is to measure the ability of the soil to provide the soluble nutrient needed for crop production for two of our three macro nutrients (phosphorus and potassium) plus measure soil acidity which governs availability of micro nutrients. A secondary goal is to compare soil test results over time. No soil test result should be considered in isolation, look at past results before making major modifications.last_img read more