Windsor teaching assistant gets creative with social distance learning

first_imgFor Webb, she says she hasn’t been a fan of teaching online either. Webb says when she started her driveway classes, working with students face-to-face again, the experience was more than rewarding. “When they get an assignment finished, especially one they struggled with and had such a hard time with on the computer, and it’s like, ‘Oh it’s done,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah I did a good job,'” said Webb. Webb says her driveway classes ended on Friday but she plans to keep in touch with her students over the summer. With a few long tables and a tent, Webb started hosting classes right in her driveway. She says it started with one student who didn’t have internet access, and the word of one-on-one, in-person tutoring, spread quickly. “It’s great when they feel good about themselves because they’ve completed it, and it makes me feel good to be part of that,” said Webb. “Even though they think they don’t want to be [at school], they do, and I’ve had so many kids tell me that. Just to be able to have adults there that they trust, or ask questions to, or if they have a problem they can go there,” said Webb. “They’re missing that whole chunk.” “They’re my kids. I know that they’re struggling, and I know these kids better,” said Webb. (WBNG) — With many students learning from home, and some even lacking internet access, Windsor High School teaching assistant Karen Webb wanted to make sure her students were understanding the material through more than just a computer screen. She says with many students missing out on their social lives at school, her driveway classes were helping with more than just homework. “They sat out here with me in the snow, and we worked. After that it took off from there on Facebook. I had parents, I had other students contact me. I’m not going to turn them away,” said Webb. She says learning online will simply never be the same as learning face-to-face and working directly with her students. last_img read more