Broome County man deployed to NYC with National Guard

first_img“We’re doing a lot of humanitarian type missions. We’re doing a lot of support to civil authorities. We’re setting up tents for hospital overflow. Setting up tents for roadside testing sites,” said Haun. “It’s kind of an escape from the daily. And I think people really need that right now. A lot of people are getting cabin fever and there’s just a lot of stress with the pandemic going on. A lot of uncertainty with jobs. So it just lets you set that aside for a few minutes,” he said. “It’s a lot of work to get the mission up and running, to get people broken into teams,” he said. “Whatever the local systems can’t handle, we try to plus them up so they can focus on what they do best.” Haun says he mainly works in the task force headquarters, making sure soldiers’ needs are met. Sergeant First Class Chris Haun is from the Southern Tier and was sent down to the New York City area in the second week of March, helping out on the front lines. While Haun is making a difference nearly 200 miles away, he’s also making a difference in some lives back here at home. Spreading both hope and joy through singing, while providing a short break away from reality. Haun says music allows people to transport themselves to a different time and place, something that may be needed right now. (WBNG) — Members of the National Guard are being deployed to New York City, the nation’s hot spot for COVID-19. “It helps me connect with people, I think it helps people connect with me,” said Haun. Haun served a six year contract in the Army Reserves and then re-enlisted into the National Guard in 2014. He has been posting videos of himself singing and playing guitar on his Facebook page while in New York City. “Even if it’s not the whole song isn’t maybe what you’re feeling, if you can connect even with a piece of it I think it does its job,” he said.last_img read more