Alfalit’s Support to Grassroots Women in Liberia

first_imgEnrollment statistics captured in Alfalit Factsheet says Alfalit educational interventions in Liberia have benefited more women than men in ten years. Though Alfalit has no gender discriminatory policy, women unpredictably have taken advantage of Alfalit Youth & Adult Literacy Program than their male counterpart. Ninety percent (90%) of the student enrollment since 2006 has been women with different age range. The high enrollment of females in literacy, basic education programs of Alfalit in Liberia all demonstrates the readiness of females to transform and influence their destiny. The power of literacy is an impetus to enhance the commitment of women to the education of their children. It is important to highlight the value market women and farmers have possessed and exhibited for the care and support to their children’s schooling. Literacy added will only enable Liberian women to increase their care, support and supervision to their children. The dominance of women as lead beneficiaries of the Alfalit Literacy Program in Liberia is very glaring. Right at the head office of Alfalit Liberia is an effective literacy class comprised of women. That class is referred to as “The Director’s Class”. It’s an energizer and a symbol-class of the Alfalit workforce in Monrovia. The Director’s Class is a bulk reflection of literacy activities ongoing throughout the country. Interestingly, Alfalit’s commitment to women empowerment echoed its support to several women groups. Since 2008 Alfalit has extended its partnership support to the peace and prayer advocacy women’s organization, Women in Peace Building Network (WIPNET). In fact a cross section of women at the Director’s Class at Alfalit Head Office comes from WIPNET. The women advocate for peace and pick chance to attend their literacy class at Alfalit Office. Alfalit-WIPNET partnership has an objective of helping the women to improve their skills and living standard. The ongoing visit of the President of Alfalit International, Dr. Joseph Milton has rekindled Alfalit’s support to WIPNET. Women of Grace, an emerging women enablement center in Paynesville currently benefits from Alfalit/L-GM support. The idea of spreading support to different women groups and organizations is to help lift many women as much as possible out of desperation and give them hope. The vulnerability of women and children in Liberia deserves improved interventions like what Alfalit and its sister organization, Liberia-Ghana Missions (L-GM) have been offering to individuals and groups. Published and unpublished testimonies of Alfalit female students over the ten years have revealed the transformative power of literacy and skill development. An example of female empowerment is demonstrated in Governor Assatu Saysay, a member of the National Governor Council. Governor Saysay ascended to this position with confidence having completed her basic literacy program and advanced to Basic Education. Education has enabled women on the extremity of society to live their aspiration and divine potential. Literacy for women deserves the interest and attraction of not only literacy organizations like Alfalit. Women political groups, activists and funding agencies on women livelihood improvement all need to connect to this dimension of activism and empowerment. This is not intended to discredit existing excellent and vigorous efforts and initiatives on women’s rights and support. Rather, the call for joint efforts against poverty that sterns from illiteracy only intend to lift women from darkness to the light of literacy. Alfalit Skill Training program is experiencing another dominatingly women enrollment. Rarely four male students can be found at skill training literacy centers based in Montserrado and Margibi Counties for now. Again, nothing procedurally stops more male enrollment, except that female are more zealous to take advantage of learning opportunities of humanitarian nature, like what Alfalit offers. For instance, the Old Road Skill Training Center hosts only one male student, whose determination is extremely high to function as a skilled father before he’s retired. Similarly, the 72nd Skill Training Center has one male who ascended from basic literacy to skill training. One admiration I hold for the two gentlemen is their courage to keep focus in a female denominated center given the prevailing cultural sentiments. As it stands, on this 10th Anniversary of Alfalit Liberia, our profound gratitude goes to all women who have found themselves in the Alfalit program. Their zests have motivated Alfalit to reach out to more Liberians including women and children who need more empowerment for nation building. There are females within the workforce of Alfalit Liberia. They are courageous and steadfast to the mission of Alfalit. Congratulations to the many women who professionally and committedly have worked in ten years to impact Liberia through community development program like literacy. Thanks to all local and international partners of Alfalit for helping the literacy giant to empower more women in Liberia. Happy 10th Anniversary to Alfalit and Team!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more