3 Police Officers under close arrest for allegedly selling seized marijuana to dealer

first_imgThree Police Officers attached to the Fort Wellington Police Station were placed under close arrest after allegedly selling a portion of marijuana they seized to other dealers.Based on reports received, Police ranks would have unearthed 21.7 kilograms of compressed cannabis in a car that had crashed into another on the West Coast of Berbice on November 18, 2018. The illicit drug was discovered after the driver fledThe compressed cannabisthe scene.It was reported that the cannabis was found well wrapped in several black plastic bags on the back seat of the car.However, surveillance footage indicates that the officers who arrived on the scene may have removed a quantity of the illegal drug before taking pictures.After the surveillance footage from a nearby business and a house was reviewed, investigators concluded that the first part of the booty had been removed.A Traffic Sergeant and two Detective Sergeants were placed under close arrest after it was revealed that they would have sold the stolen portion of marijuana to a dealer on the Corentyne. The investigation continues.last_img read more

Revealed! Every Premier League club ranked by net spend this transfer window

first_img 10. Brighton – Net spend: £9m (spent: £9m, received: £0m) 20 20 5. Huddersfield – Net spend: £36.4m (spent: £36.4m, received: £0m) 18. Tottenham – Net spend: -£16m (spent: £0m, received: £16m) 20 20 20 20 1. Manchester United – Net spend: £105.8m (spent: £105.8m, received: £0m) 20 20 15. Stoke City – Net spend: -£2m (spent: £0m, received: £2m) 8. West Brom – Net spend: £19.8m (spent: £19.8m, received: £0m) 20 20. Chelsea – Net spend so far (correct on 10 July 2017): -£34.5m (spent: £31m, received: £65.4m) 13. Crystal Palace – Net spend: £0m (spent: £0m, received: £0m) 11. Swansea City – Net spend: £8.5m (spent: £11m, received: £2.5m) 19. Burnley – Net spend: -£28m (spent: £2m, received: £30m) 20 20 20 20 16. Southampton – Net spend: -£7.2m (spent: £5m, received: £12.2m) 9. Watford – Net spend: £16m (spent: £16m, received: £0m) 20 2. Manchester City – Net spend: £58.3m (spent: £78.3m, received: £20m) 20 12. Newcastle – Net spend: £4.1m (spent: £14.9m, received: £10.8m) 20 20 17. West Ham – Net spend: -£8m (spent: £0m, received: £8m) 14. Everton – Net spend: -£1.3m (spent: £91.9m, received: £93.2m) 20 4. Liverpool – Net spend: £38m (spent: £39.9m, received: £1.9m) This summer’s transfer window looks set to break all manner of records.So far Premier League clubs have spent £571million making it the fifth biggest window on record – and there’s still 50 days to go.But, which club has splashed the most cash in this window according to net transfer spend?Scroll through the gallery above to see who the league’s biggest spenders are this summer.Figures from Sporting Intelligence correct as of 10/7/17. 3. Arsenal – Net spend: £50.7m (spent: £52.7m, received: £2m) 6. Bournemouth – Net spend: £30m (spent: £30m, received: £0m) 20 20 7. Leicester City – Net spend: £27.6m (spent: £27.6m, received: £0m) last_img read more