Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Shares SBDs From 101st Show, Features Second Ever “U.S. Blues”

first_imgOn this week’s taper edition of “Wednesday is the new Tuesday,” Joe Russo’s Almost Dead has shared the recording from March 11, 2017, the second of their six nights at Brooklyn Bowl in NYC. With the band returning to their home base, the energy was at an all time high following the previous night’s 100th show celebration.The celebratory tone ensued with a Hamilton-led “Don’t Ease Me In” opener, before Metzger stepped up for a “Women Are Smarter” jam, which segued into an ever-psychedelic “China Cat Sunflower.” “Feel Like A Stranger” included an “Apache” (Jerry Lordan) tease, according to Box Score extraordinaire Costello. The first set continued with a “Mississippi Half Step,” “Lost Sailor,” and “Saint of Circumstance” which included a Terrapin Jam, hints of “Ruben & Cherise” and an obvious nod to The Beatles with an “Eleanor Rigby” tease. No one does Grateful Dead music in 2017 like Joe Russo’s Almost Dead.In the second set, the quintet returned with a “Greatest Story Ever Told,” with a “Black Throated Wind” jam. The Grateful Dead song led into a striking cover of Led Zeppelin‘s “Moby Dick,” which had not been played since 4/22/15 and was left unfinished. For the first time ever, the Almost Dead played “Music Never Stopped Reprise Reprise,” before busting out “Greatest Story Ever Told Reprise,” which hadn’t been played since 2/17/15.The band also debuted “Stella Blues Jam,” before heading into a special “He’s Gone” which featured teases of the Netflix original series Stranger Things. The themes continued during “The Wheel,” which heard the theme song from The Simpsons carefully mixed in. The second set ended with an electric “So Many Roads” and “Sugar Magnolia.”Joe Russo’s Almost Dead returned to the stage for “Ripple,” which hadn’t been played since 12/31/15, then “US Blues,” which, strikingly, hadn’t been played in 100 shows since 1/26/13.Check out the full setlist below, as posted by band manager Peter Costello, and listen to the full audio as taped by McRoberts:Check out the full setlist below, as posted by band manager Peter Costello.Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Brooklyn Bowl | 3/11/17Set One (9:29PM – 10:32PM)Don’t Ease Me In (TH)Women Are Smarter (SM) ->China Cat Sunflower (TH) ->Feel Like A Stranger @ (SM)Mississippi Half Step (TH) ->Lost Sailor (SM) ->Saint Of Circumstance # (SM)Set Two (11:03PM- 12:30AM)Greatest Story Ever Told $ (SM) ->Moby Dick % ->Music Never Stopped Reprise Reprise ^ (SM) ->Greatest Story Ever Told Reprise &Candyman (TH) ->Uncle Johns Band (All) ->Stella Blue Jam * ->He’s Gone (TH) + ->The Wheel @@ (ALL) ->St. Stephen Jam ->So Many Roads ## (TH)Sugar Magnolia/SSDD (SM)ENC:Ripple $$ (TH) >US Blues %%@ – With an “Apache” (Jerry Lordan) Tease (MB): – With a Terrapin Jam (may become a separate track), Ruben & Cherise Teases (TH) & an “Eleanor Rigby” (The Beatles) Tease (TH)$ – With a Black Throated Wind Jam (may become a separate track)% – Unfinished (no drum solo). Led Zeppelin Cover, not played since 2015-04-22 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, a gap of 79 shows^ – First Time Played by Almost Dead, included lyrics& – Not played since 2015-02-17 State Theater, Portland, ME, a gap of 84 shows* – First Time Played by Almost Dead, included a short He’s Gone Jam at the beginning+ – With a “Stranger Things” (Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein from the band Survive) tease (MB). Yes, the Netflix series Stranger [email protected]@ – With “The Simpsons Theme” (Danny Elfman) teases (SM & DD) & Terrapin Teases (TH & MB)$$ – Not played since 2015-12-31 The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA, a gap of 42 shows%% – Not played since 2013-01-26 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY, a gap of 100 shows. Dave broke a string on the Alembic & played his Gibson SG Bass for most of this.## – I strongly feel that Tommy’s solo at the end of So Many Roads was a homage to Slash’s solo in the Guns N Roses version of Knocking on Heaven’s Door. However, the Box Score is a place for facts & that’s just my opinion man. “Fly Like An Eagle” (Steve Miller Band) some where in the first set… Let me know what you heard.And as always, let me know what I missed.[Photo by Jeremy Scott]last_img read more