Arson attack on community radio previously targeted by coup supporters

first_img Organisation 2011-2020: A study of journalist murders in Latin America confirms the importance of strengthening protection policies December 28, 2020 Find out more Follow the news on Honduras RSF_en News HondurasAmericas May 13, 2021 Find out more A community radio station that serves the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna community in the Atlantic-coast town of Triunfo de la Cruz was ransacked and torched yesterday morning. The station, called Faluma Bimetu or Radio Coco Dulce, has often been threatened because of its opposition to last June’s coup d’état and to real estate projects in the region.“The arson attack on Faluma Bimetu confirms that news media that are independent or opposed to the coup are still in danger,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The threat is all the greater for community radio stations, which are not recognised by Honduran Law.”The press freedom organisation added: “The government should help Faluma Bimetu to resume broadcasting because it fills an important communication function for the isolated and often marginalised Garifuna community. Punishing those responsible for this attack will be a test for the government that is due to take office on 27 January.”The unidentified persons who attacked Faluma Bimetu took its main computer before setting fire to one of the two cabins in the studio, station manager Alfredo López told the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC): (only in Spanish). The station will not be able to resume broadcasting for at least a week. Yesterday’s attack was not the first time the station has been targeted. López was arrested by soldiers supported by police on 12 August in Tegucigalpa because of his participation in the resistance to the coup. If the attack was not politically motivated, it may have been linked to Garifuna opposition to real estate projects in the region and to the sale of some of their community lands by the municipality of Tela in questionable circumstances.Community radio representatives described their problems to Reporters Without Borders when it visited Honduras together with six other press freedom organisations from 1 to 7 November. “A one kilowatt signal, needed to cover a region, costs about 1 million lempiras (37,000 euros), which community stations clearly cannot afford,” one of them said. “So either they have to make do with a weak signal or they have to register as commercial radio stations.” The lack of a legal broadcast frequency has often been used as a pretext for acts of repression against this kind of radio station since the 12 June coup.Watch the video of an interview with Iselma Mejía of Radio Durugubuti, another Garifuna radio station: HondurasAmericas January 7, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Arson attack on community radio previously targeted by coup supporters to go further April 27, 2021 Find out more (Photo: RSF’s 2020 Round-up: 50 journalists killed, two-thirds in countries “at peace” News RSF begins research into mechanisms for protecting journalists in Latin America Reports News Help by sharing this information Receive email alertslast_img read more

Happy Birthday to the U.S. National Parks

first_imgHappy Birthday to the U.S. National Parks Child attacked by mountain lion in Colorado To celebrate the big event, August 25 is a fee-free day, when all national parks will open to visitors free of charge. In addition to the birthday celebration, there are two other upcoming national park fee-free days in 2019: September 28, 2019 (National Public Lands Day) and November 11, 2019 (Veterans Day). Head to the parks this Sunday to celebrate (and enjoy!) America’s best idea for free. This Sunday, August 25, the U.S. National Parks will celebrate its 103 birthday. Back in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson and Congress created the agency under the National Park Service Organic Act. Today, there are over 400 national parks and monuments under the agency’s care.  Scientists say that adoption among wild animals is rare and, when it does happen, is usually between animals of the same species. Scientists theorize that the birth of her biological calf may have triggered the bottlenose dolphin’s maternal instincts, allowing her to form a bond with the melon-headed whale. Though mountain lion attacks are rare, this marks the second attack in Colorado in two weeks. Earlier this month, a hunter fought off a mountain lion with a pocketknife near Kremmling, Colorado. A necropsy performed on that cougar showed that the animal likely attacked due to hunger, as only grass was found in its stomach. In the last 100 years in North America there have been less than a dozen fatal mountain lion attacks on people. center_img For the first known time, a dolphin mom has adopted an orphan whale A mountain lion in central Colorado attacked a child on Wednesday, sending the youngster to the hospital. Colorado Parks and Wildlife confirmed that the attack happened in a subdivision in Bailey, Colorado, 35-miles southwest of Denver. The child’s condition was not immediately known. Scientists are sharing the heartwarming story of a bottlenose dolphin that adopted an orphaned melon-headed whale. Back in 2014, researchers noticed a bottlenose dolphin doting on two calves off of the coast of French Polynesia, one of which looked a little funny. Eventually, scientists discovered that the different-looking calve was of an entirely different species. During a long-term study, scientists observed that the adoptive calf was rarely without its mother and learned to integrate himself into the family unit and the broader group of dolphins. The adoptive mother was even observed nursing the baby whale on two different occasions. Outdoor Updates: Daily Newslast_img read more

Revealed! Every Premier League club ranked by net spend this transfer window

first_img 10. Brighton – Net spend: £9m (spent: £9m, received: £0m) 20 20 5. Huddersfield – Net spend: £36.4m (spent: £36.4m, received: £0m) 18. Tottenham – Net spend: -£16m (spent: £0m, received: £16m) 20 20 20 20 1. Manchester United – Net spend: £105.8m (spent: £105.8m, received: £0m) 20 20 15. Stoke City – Net spend: -£2m (spent: £0m, received: £2m) 8. West Brom – Net spend: £19.8m (spent: £19.8m, received: £0m) 20 20. Chelsea – Net spend so far (correct on 10 July 2017): -£34.5m (spent: £31m, received: £65.4m) 13. Crystal Palace – Net spend: £0m (spent: £0m, received: £0m) 11. Swansea City – Net spend: £8.5m (spent: £11m, received: £2.5m) 19. Burnley – Net spend: -£28m (spent: £2m, received: £30m) 20 20 20 20 16. Southampton – Net spend: -£7.2m (spent: £5m, received: £12.2m) 9. Watford – Net spend: £16m (spent: £16m, received: £0m) 20 2. Manchester City – Net spend: £58.3m (spent: £78.3m, received: £20m) 20 12. Newcastle – Net spend: £4.1m (spent: £14.9m, received: £10.8m) 20 20 17. West Ham – Net spend: -£8m (spent: £0m, received: £8m) 14. Everton – Net spend: -£1.3m (spent: £91.9m, received: £93.2m) 20 4. Liverpool – Net spend: £38m (spent: £39.9m, received: £1.9m) This summer’s transfer window looks set to break all manner of records.So far Premier League clubs have spent £571million making it the fifth biggest window on record – and there’s still 50 days to go.But, which club has splashed the most cash in this window according to net transfer spend?Scroll through the gallery above to see who the league’s biggest spenders are this summer.Figures from Sporting Intelligence correct as of 10/7/17. 3. Arsenal – Net spend: £50.7m (spent: £52.7m, received: £2m) 6. Bournemouth – Net spend: £30m (spent: £30m, received: £0m) 20 20 7. Leicester City – Net spend: £27.6m (spent: £27.6m, received: £0m) last_img read more