PS3 surpasses Xbox 360 in console sales

first_imgResearch company IDC has released a 67-page report and forecast regarding the state of the worldwide video game industry. Few will be reading it due to the $4,500 price tag, but summaries of its content have turned up some surprising predictions and figures.Top of the list has to be news that the PS3 has now outsold the Xbox 360. Current estimates put PS3 sales at 77 million and Xbox 360 at 76 million. If you consider the 360 launched on November 16, 2005 while we were kept waiting until November 11, 2006 for the PS3, that’s some impressive gains for Sony. And if this trend continues the PS3 will continue to pull ahead.The forecast report covers the period 2012-2016 and states that even though 2011/12 was difficult for console game sales on disc, that is expected to change over the next two years. IDC also believes alternative platforms have had little impact on consoles, but at the same time consoles have been responding to competition with non-gaming content and services to compensate. Overall, we can expect game disc shipments to only fall by 3% each year until 2016.With publishers like Konami and EA deciding not to support the Wii U with big game releases such as Crysis 3 and Castlevania, you’d think the forecast for Nintendo’s machine would be at the very least conservative. But IDC thinks otherwise, and expects 50 million Wii Us to be in homes by 2016 because Nintendo will “find an audience.”So what happens after 2016? IDC believes spending will shift away from physical games and into digital distribution of content. By then, we’ll have a new Xbox and a new PlayStation on the market, and the Wii U, 3DS, and PS Vita will be the ageing systems.via Gamesindustry.bizlast_img read more