Are Bonuses Really Worth the Hype in Online Betting

first_imgAre Bonuses Really Worth the Hype in Online Betting?September 12, 2018 by AlleyVoice 282SHARESFacebookTwitterLinkedin Filed Under: Gaming In the highly competitive world of online betting, bookmakers use bonuses to lure gamblers into betting on their team. They offer a wide array of promotions that can be very lucrative, especially to beginners who know little or nothing about how a game is played.But while it’s quite tempting to jump on the first bonus you see online, it’s always good to know the in-betweens of each offer first before placing your bet:THE PROSYou could increase your chances at winning a bigger payout if you opt for a bonus. Depending on the rules of the game, you can double your winnings or get a bigger prize than playing without any bonuses.You can win money even before you start betting. This is usually called a welcome bonus and is given by most bookmakers to newly registered players. In the UK, the usual welcome bonus is £100 but it depends on the amount of minimum deposit that you’ve given.You can win additional funds without putting your existing funds at risk. Bonus codes give you the chance to either increase your odds in a bet or even place a free bet, depending on what the bookmaker offers you.THE CONSYou could easily lose more money or decrease your odds by taking the wrong bonus or failing to read the fine print of each offer.Claiming your bonus can be a long and tedious process. Most bonuses have a set of conditions that you must follow before you can enjoy your bonus. Some bookmakers would require that you turn over a certain amount before you can withdraw your welcome bonus while others require a certain number of days before you can withdraw from your account. Sometimes, you even need to wait for the promotion to end before you could claim your bonus.Now that you know the pros and cons of bonuses, how can you be smarter about them?Find good bookmakers who can offer you the best bonuses. Check out website Nostrabet that have good recommendations for bookmakers because they have a team with extensive experience in online sports betting. They can also give you good input on betting predictions and more.Read the rules carefully so you know exactly what you’re getting from a bonus. If getting a £100 welcome bonus means you have to deposit the same amount but you can’t afford it yet, then just go for a bookmaker with a smaller minimum deposit.Find out how you can claim your bonus. Do you need to input a code? Will you receive the bonus right away? Or do you need to get in touch with the bookmaker? There are certain conditions in turning over your bonus, so choose one that’s most convenient for you.Bonuses in online betting can be a great way to get more out of your gaming experience. If you follow these tips and always keep a keen eye on the fine print behind every bonus, you can easily choose what to keep and what to pass up.PREVIOUS POSTNEXT POSTlast_img read more