Geek deals Save 55 on the LG BD630 Bluray player

first_imgMost of you have, at one time or another, heard the editorial prophecies of computers and the internet coming to every aspect of our lives, even in our homes. Internet-connected refrigerators are here and coffee makers have microchips. One of the more recent assimilations of computing into the home life has been with Blu-ray. Some Blu-ray players are but DVD units with a different optical lens, while others are more like de-featured PCs with amenities like built-in storage, USB support, and WiFi.The past year has seen the widespread introduction of internet connectivity, and thus apps like Netflix and Pandora, into home theater devices like TVs and Blu-ray players. Unfortunately, for the truly thrifty you were still going to be paying a pretty penny for these added features, until recently. The free market has done its work and you can now nab yourself a well featured Blu-ray player with WiFi for under $100. Most Blu-ray players have an Ethernet connection, if your modem or router happens to be setup with your home theater, but WiFi has traditionally commanded a premium for its convenience.This LG BD630 Blu-ray player has a USB WiFi adapter included in the box, which I can say from personal experience works well. The built-in internet apps, with Netflix being the big name player, work well, if they do lack the polish of a more sophisticated device like the Playstation 3. For a limited time you can nab this middle of the road machine for a ridiculous $84 shipped, a great savings compared to its $139 MSRP and even better than the $110-120 it usually goes for.Visit LogicBuy for the LG BD630 Blu-ray player with WiFilast_img read more