Zelda Adventure is a 10hour playable Zeldathemed campaign for Minecraft

first_imgWe just discussed games like Minecraft, but if you’re already hooked, here’s another reason to keep playing. One Minecraft player decided to build his own Legend of Zelda-themed adventure in-game, and he didn’t cut corners. When he was finished, the Zelda Adventure mod has a 10+ hour-long campaign, 8 unique dungeons, over 20 different weapons, cinematic cut-scenes, and more.The campaign is free to download and host on your own Minecraft server if you operate one, and even features in-game shops, collectables and other in-world items you can pick up and use, secret zones filled with treasure, and more. The game is technically a mod, but it offers much more in the way of unique environments and gameplay than a mod normally would, and the campaign is longer than a number of recent major game releases.As you play, you’ll see familiar NPC characters, play mini-games you may remember from the original Zelda games, and use familiar weapons like the boomerang, bombs, the Kokiri Sword, and even obtain the Ocarina of time. The Ocarina is an interesting mechanic in Minecraft, but just like the official Zelda game, you can play the Ocarina to transport to different parts of the world, and the type of song you play will have a different effect on you or your environment.GameRant hints at an important point however, The Legend of Zelda is copyrighted and Nintendo, who hasn’t hesitated to squash projects like this in the past, holds the intellectual property. Even games like Newer Super Mario Bros Wii have fallen victim to the copyright hammer.Still, Zelda Adventure is a sight to behold, and to play if you can get it while it’s still available. The developer says it’s still in beta and he’s still working on it, but he’s opened the doors to players who want to test or just want to play the game.Read more at MinecraftForum, via GameRantlast_img read more