Simple Geeks Guide to Pretentious Photos

first_img The Most Addictive Mobile Clicker GamesSimple Geek’s Guide to…Streaming Services I just got back from traveling in Norway, and holy shit is that a gorgeous country! The natural beauty is so magnificent that it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo there. Just look at my Instagram to see what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, not everything is as easy to take great photos of as nature in Norway. Because of this, here are some great tips on how to take better pics with your smartphone.Take Your TimeUnless you’re snapping a quick pic of a getaway car from a bank heist or something else happening far too quickly, take your time with your photo. Figure out the angle you want, snap a few options, and play around until you get the image you’re happy with. I took a number of pics of this NYC skyline before I came away with something I was happy with.Don’t be Afraid to Edit the Heck Out of ItPhoto editing has existed since before phones even existed. Back when all photos were developed in dark rooms there were different techniques used to make images look different ways. So don’t feel guilty of editing your photos like crazy. Once again, take time with this and fiddle around till you find something you like. After awhile you’ll discover there are certain editing features, you like more than others, and you’ll gravitate towards them, more or less creating your own style. Just look here at the Instagram of the artist Alexandra Zee. Notice how everything has the same color palate? Part of that is choice of subject, but much of it is how the photos are edited. Check out this photo I took. Taking time to edit it brought out all those rad colors.Take the Pic and Zoom in AfterThe photos your phone takes are way bigger than you realize. Remember when digital cameras were new and they were bragging about how many megapixels they had? Well, the camera on any smartphone bought in the past few years has hella megapixels. So take the photo of the thing you want to zoom in on, and then do the actual zooming by cropping out the stuff you don’t want. That’s what I did here. I wanted the cool neon sign, but the rest of the building around it weren’t that interesting. If I had zoomed in before I snapped it, the sign probably would’ve ended up blurry.Follow Lines and Find PatternsCheck out this photo of a long escalator I found in Helsinki. I mean, it’s just an escalator, but by paying attention to where the lines were and then editing the photo a bit, it looks like a futuristic Sci-Fi corridor.Shoot Moving ObjectsGetting the right photo of something going can take some time. You’ll have to take a lot of crappy ones before you get one that you’re happy with. But once you do it’s totally worth it. The thing that makes photography so wonderful is that you’re capturing something that moves and holding it intact space forever.  Look at the flowing, moving skirts in this pic I took from Dia de Los Muerots in San Francisco.Find Natural FramingI took this photo at the Yuayan Garden in Shanghai. See how the archway frames the guy walking through it? It looks way more inserting than the pics I took of just the archway itself. Let the stuff that already exists frame a shot for you then wait for the right person or thing to move into that frame.Reflections Make Things Look ArtsyYou know what I love? Taking photos of stuff reflected in other stuff. Look at this photo of the capital building reflected in the pool of water in from of it. Rad right? It’s way better than just a pic of the Capital all by itself…it’s almost like it has a demented twin!Most Importantly, Experiment!Just fuck around for awhile until you find what you like. We live in an amazing age where we can take thousands of photos for free and not have to pay for developing film. I was in the back of a car one day, and it was raining, and I thought the raindrops looked cool. So I focused on them (by tapping on the screen where I wanted the focus to be) and snapped this picture. And huzzah! It was a success.Now go out there and take awesome pictures because the internet doesn’t have enough of them.Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart, is a travel writer, TV host and poet. Follow him at Stay on targetlast_img read more